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Want to go Premium - No Response

E = Mc2

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I know that ya'll are busy down there, but I've sent two emails on the subject over the course of better than a week, and gotten no response. I would like to pay my dues and become a premium member. The page I get when I click the link asks for my subscription ID, which I patently DO NOT HAVE.


Can I PLEASE have this information sent to me so I can send in the money and help support my favorite past time? Or, can I just send the payment via Paypal without having the # ?



E = Mc2

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Unfortunately, the links may not be obvious, and they're halfway down the page. How to subscribe should be on one page, and activation should be on a separate page.


The link you need to click looks like this:


Just click the one appropriate to the payment method you want to use. If you don't want to use PayPal (very understandable) there are instructions for alternate payment methods.


Once you become a premium member, you get to learn the secret handshake, and are told the real meaning of the "pointing finger" in the forum avatars.



"Don't mess with a geocacher. We know all the best places to hide a body."

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Okay, now I get it. Funny thing is that the subscription number request is theVERY FIRST thing you see. I saw the links to pay the membership fee, but no explanation as to what order one should go about doing this. Why not change the scrip# part to a page you can ONLY view once you've paid for your membership? ... hmmmn


Many thanks to all.

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