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Missing logs

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In the greater Puget Sound area I and others have noticed an unusual amount

of missing logs.


Have you seen this lately?

Seems like the forest areas I go to have the normal amount of logs.


Not sure what you mean. The logbooks are missing, the on line logs are missing, or the on line logs are there but the signatures are not in the logbook?

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Logbooks are missing from caches. Cache is there, swag is present, just the logbook is gone.

Weird. I don't cache much in your area so I have not noticed it. Actually, I don't recall ever finding a cache without a log book in any of the areas I cache in.

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You mean those little diaries aren't swag? Just kidding; maybe if you were a little more specific about where you see this as I have never found a cache without something to log the find on be it a book, piece of paper in a zip lock or rolled strips of paper.

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I am hearing that the cache logs (not online logs) are missing from containers.


I had a log go missing in one of my caches (GC22DTH), about a year ago. I also saw one in Carnation that was mising a log. Other then that I haven't noticed anything. I wonder why somebody would steal logs :surprise:

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