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Placing my first cache...

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So I've found over 60 geocaches now and I'm nearly ready to place my first cache. I've deliberately waited so I gained plenty of experience of good hides with different styles of containers etc. so that hopefully my first cache won't be a complete duffer! I realise that my hides will probably improve over time with yet more experience of finding and hiding them. So I have just one question to check the procedure...


I take it that I place the cache and then submit it online? The reason I ask is that most caches I've seen have the GC code written at the top of the log. If you place the cache and then do the online form filling, how do you know what that code is? Do CO's come back and write it on? I'll probably be hiding the cache in the next 10 days or so... Any advice appreciated...

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You can create the listing first, fill in dummy coordinates and leave it inactive. That will give you the GC code while the listing won't go into the reviewer queue. Then you place the cache, get the coordinates and go back to edit the listing. Fill in coordinates, description, everything else and activate it. Voila.

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Thanks for an extremely swift reply. I thought that the online form has to be submitted within some sort of time limit though. How does that work?


No, you can have inactive listings sitting in your account for an unlimited time. I think it only applies to the actual edit page, but I've never actually run into that limit.

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As an old yet returning geocacher I can confirm the above.


This account (not my current account) Seasider (first cacher with 1000 finds in UK, and I was there) and jstead set up and ran a couple of event caches way back when to kick the NW into action after attending the HCC event in Hampshire.


We were in the process of arranging another meet when Natty and Booshka went their separate ways... 5 years ago now. That event cache is still there... But was never submitted. Maybe I should change the dates and send it for approval... Sadly, Booshka won't make the event.


Natty (and several other accounts!)

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