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Property Tests - Help Wanted


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Hi all.


I have been developing a cart which requires me to use the CurrentDistance property, which I believe is not yet available from all players.


In another forum (Earwigo) Shawn (the PiGo developer) has offered to add this feature in a future version (Thanks Shawn!)


This cart is an opportunity to test the CurrentDistance property (plus a few other properties) to see if different player applications support them.

< Click here for the Cart >


So far I have tested the cart in the emulator and with my Oregon 300. As you might expect, they both work.


I would be grateful if you have access to a different player that you would have a go at running the cart to see if it displays correctly or crashes.


It is a simple play-anywhere cart which just constantly displays updates to a distance from target zone, along with a few other items.


Thankyou for listening!



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I tried the cartridge on my Garmin nuvi 500 from Stockholm, Sweden. It gives a distance to target of about 5,056,000 ft and bearing 241 degrees. Position is said to be N59.323 W18.128 which is not correct as I live at East 18.128. When I press the Answer button only a quick flash of the Locations YouSee etc. page is shown. When I press and hold ArrowDown the altitude and accuracy is shown. To leave the cartridge I have to power down. So it doesn't work well on my nuvi.

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Thankyou Tadpole, for your response.


That's odd! 8(


I have a Nuvi myself so will try this out, but I would expect you to have a nearer target zone than that - it seems that the location was well off though - could it be that the accuracy was poor - did you let the unit settle before starting, so it knew where it was?


Also there should be a stop button you can press to exit the constant screen updates. That would allow you to then exit the cartridge normally.


thanks again,


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I had a similar experience on the iphone. If I hit location or inventory this screen pops back up. When I hit Locations, the page with the pointer and distnace pops up, then the screen below pops up again. Hope this helps. If you have further questions, let me know.



I figured putting a a picture of my home coordinates might not be the smartest thing to do.

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Thanks Nuggie99,


so this pop-up still occurs even after you hit the stop button?


To be clear the continue button is designed to do just that - i.e. keep updating that message and showing it at 1 sec intervals. The stop button should stop it until you restart it by going to the inventory and selecting it to start again.





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