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  1. I am a geocacher from Sweden, visiting Norway now and then. I have earlier used the option to seek for caches hidden in "country" and "province", e.g. Sweden+Stockholm or Norway+Telemark. The result used to be a list, starting with the newest caches in the "province" and ending with the oldest. Is this possible now for a basic member or even for a premium member? I would like to have this option back!
  2. I tried the cartridge on my Garmin nuvi 500 from Stockholm, Sweden. It gives a distance to target of about 5,056,000 ft and bearing 241 degrees. Position is said to be N59.323 W18.128 which is not correct as I live at East 18.128. When I press the Answer button only a quick flash of the Locations YouSee etc. page is shown. When I press and hold ArrowDown the altitude and accuracy is shown. To leave the cartridge I have to power down. So it doesn't work well on my nuvi.
  3. Yes, the bad news are that the thefts have continued during the first weeks of January, 2009. Six geocoins and four TB:s have disappeared from four geocaches with a paper note left by the thief. (The note doesn't any longer say anything about a geocache at Mt. Everest.) The thief operates in the greater Stockholm area, radius maybe 50-60 km, which includes Nynäshamn, Södertälje, Enköping and Arlanda. His primary goal is the geocoins, we believe that he steals TB:s only when they are in the same cache as a coin. In some cases the whole box is stolen, but when you find a note from the thief in a close-by cache at the same time, then you are sure of who has been there. It is not easy to say how many trackables are stolen, as some caches may have been searched by "ordinary muggles". A quick estimate says at least 100 coins and 30 TB:s have been stolen by him as well as about 20 cache boxes. We advise all geocachers visiting Sweden not to drop any geocoin in Stockholm less than 80 km from City. If you want to "get rid" of a coin, you are free to contact me. Indicate in which part of Stockholm you want to visit, and I will give you the name of a reliable geocacher in that area for a handover. And I certainly have some trackables that would like to go to your country, that I have picked up for safety reasons.
  4. The Swedish road authority Vägverket is introducing a lot av new speed cameras starting this spring: http://www.vv.se/templates/page3wide____16018.aspx and click on the part of Sweden you want to see more closely. The web site has a possibility to choose language (English Andra språk) but I don't think that will change the text on the map. Obviously the red roads will have the cameras. There will in fact be one camera in each post, sending the picture via the cell phone system to a police center. Is there a similar map in some Finnish web site? I have no commercial interests, and I do try not to speed (the GPS-r is the best speedometer you can have) but sometimes you don't notice a speed restriction sign.
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