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  1. Thanks Nuggie99, so this pop-up still occurs even after you hit the stop button? To be clear the continue button is designed to do just that - i.e. keep updating that message and showing it at 1 sec intervals. The stop button should stop it until you restart it by going to the inventory and selecting it to start again. cheers! Paul.
  2. Thankyou Tadpole, for your response. That's odd! 8( I have a Nuvi myself so will try this out, but I would expect you to have a nearer target zone than that - it seems that the location was well off though - could it be that the accuracy was poor - did you let the unit settle before starting, so it knew where it was? Also there should be a stop button you can press to exit the constant screen updates. That would allow you to then exit the cartridge normally. thanks again, Paul.
  3. Hi all. I have been developing a cart which requires me to use the CurrentDistance property, which I believe is not yet available from all players. In another forum (Earwigo) Shawn (the PiGo developer) has offered to add this feature in a future version (Thanks Shawn!) This cart is an opportunity to test the CurrentDistance property (plus a few other properties) to see if different player applications support them. < Click here for the Cart > So far I have tested the cart in the emulator and with my Oregon 300. As you might expect, they both work. I would be grateful if you have access to a different player that you would have a go at running the cart to see if it displays correctly or crashes. It is a simple play-anywhere cart which just constantly displays updates to a distance from target zone, along with a few other items. Thankyou for listening! Paul.
  4. On the face of it it doesn't seem major news perhaps, but speaking as someone very much on the outside of this topic the silence from Groundspeak was ambiguous enough to suggest they might well walk away from it. In that respect I see this brief acknowledgement as a very positive assertion that rumours of Wherigos death are very much exaggerated. ;o) I repeat, Hurrah! 8D
  5. Have you seen the comment from Jeremy? "Our plan is to continue to support Wherigo, but unfortunately other projects have taken priority - especially the features for geocaching. We do not have plans to retire Wherigo and believe there is a future in the project." Hurrah!
  6. Is it possible to use that loss of signal to your advantage. I'd originally thought you could say "if altitude on water then.... else ....", but thinking about it, a loss of signal may retain the surface level altitude in memory...?!
  7. A zone needs to be both actuive *and* visible to be seen in the locations section of the interface. If you are a distance away from it, the locations section will show how far and point the direction too.
  8. I had considered something along those lines. What I am trying to do is create a zone that is in the middle of a river and they have to enter it. That can be done by ferry so is not a problem. I then want to make that zone a "no-go" zone so that, if they get the ferry back, they have to go back and find another route. There is a foot tunnel, under the river, that will allow them to by-pass the "no-go" zone. That is what I want them to do as the GPS will lose its signal and pick it up again when they exit the tunnel. What I don't want is for someone to use the surface route to get back but avoid the "no-go" zone by turning off their GPS. I hope that makes sense of what I am trying to achieve. I'm not a Wherigo expert either, but could you use an altitude check? Others in this forum may be able to advise on how to do that technically, but its possible that it would be a way to detect where they really are...
  9. If it suits your needs there is a web accessible app. called Earwigo. There is a pinned thread in this forum: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=243182 SteamTraen looks after it and clarifies in that post how you go about gaining access to use it. I have used it to develop three carts now. 2 very very simple, and 1 very complex. It is excellent and so is the support. Good luck! Paul.
  10. Can you expand on that please? Is there a reason that Groundspeak have not yet accepted/acknowledged the (currently) 2nd place request to "Update Wherigo and make it usable"? cheers, Paul.
  11. Does the new version include the fix for multiple choice inputs? If so, what is the name of the new version? I'd like to be clear for anyone using it with my Wherigo. thanks, Paul.
  12. Great news! I don't even own an I-Phone, but see this as a very important development for Wherigo. For those reading - if you haven't yet lent your support to Wherigo updates from Groundspeak then please visit the lionk below and spare some votes and heartfelt comments. Thanks. Don't let Wherigo die! Paul.
  13. Thanks for that response. So it asks the question and then gives an empty field to type the answer? no prompts for: a. this b. that c. other but if you happen to type the right answer its all good? Did you build with the standard builder or Urwigo or Earwigo? wonder if that matters? Paul.
  14. I'm the culprit. Er, author. If you run into any issues with cartridges, just let me know, giving as many details as possible, and I'll try to make it work with the next update! Well Done! This is an exciting development. Can you (or anyone else) help clarify the situation with user input? I read in another thread (somewhere?!) that they are a little buggy. Is that true? If so, is it limited to multiple choice, or also for other types of input? Does the player crash or not accept the right answer? Apologies for the rapid-fire questions, but I'd like to update my cache page for any i-phone owners that may want to give my Wherigo a try. thanks all, Paul.
  15. I wondered if this experience was a feature of my cart building, in that I have seen in Ranger Fox's tutorial vid that he advises using the proximity entry instead of zone entry to trigger thge zone event. Several of my players have complained of having to wander about a bit to get zones to trigger when in fact they are quite large.
  16. I have only one cart but is has been successfully completed 60 times (at the time of writing). As you might expect some players have had issues, but most got through first time. A few had to return. Each time there was an issue I sought feedback, and that resulted in some changes to the cart, some advices on the cache page. Here are my top 5 tips for a good Wherigo experience (note mostly based on Garmin experience): 1.SAVE YOUR GAME AS YOU GO! This is most important - it enables you to restart. In the cart I built I created a 'memory ball' item that makes saving easier for the player, and a part of the game. Save as you move between zones. 2. If for some reason your device crashes, I thoroughly recommend actually taking the batteries out and replacing them before starting again and restoring your last saved game. 3. Take some spare batteries, in case they run down faster than you'd thought they would. 4. When navigating to a zone the arrow can be a good guide, but trust the numbers counting down. They are most accurate. 5. If you have trouble closing in on a zone, then try moving a few meters or feet away and then move quickly toward the zone. That should help to trigger it. These advices are now on my cache page for players to consider in the field. Do you have further advices from your experiences? cheers, Paul.
  17. Ranger Fox - You are such a tease! Can you give any clue as to when we will learn more about any plans - whatver they may be. Paul.
  18. Hi Ron, Are you aware there is more than one way to unlock a cartridge? Hopefully you have a save file from the completion of the cart? It will have a GWS extension, and you can upload that to unlock. I believe, this has been found to be a more reliable way to trigger the completion. best of luck, Paul.
  19. You need to send sTeamTraen a request to get access via the personal message option in his Geocache profile. This method makes his site/access management easier.
  20. Hi M.TEX, I only have one cartridge published, and I created my own artwork for it. I took photo's at the locations that I was taking the player to, and used software to overlay graphics thatI had drawn (on paper then scanned) myself. It was time consuming, but I'm proud of the result. However - my initial plan was to take images from the net and request they be used. The images were from budding fantasy artists (there are lots) and I wrote to a few and got no response at all. That led me to think, why not do this myself? I have the impression that many others simply take images from the net and do not concern themselves with requesting permission. I'm not sure how much a risk that is. Good luck with your cartridge(s). Paul.
  21. Hi, great start to a thread! What a list! I don't have anything to add (just yet), but have elsewhere raised some of those items you suggest yourself, so this is simply a message of support for you Ranger Fox. I would expect that others are having a difficult time finding elements outside the ones you have listed, rather than there being a lack of interest. If only you could thumb posts in this forum. thumb, thumb, thumb...
  22. I have now watched the entire video. You are to be congratulated Ranger Fox. That is quite a piece of work. ( This time I did not answer fish, but did go for tennis court! Doh! ) You've made a good aid to the new developer, covering not just how to use the software to accomplish the intended outcomes (managing inputs and zone status') but also giving helpful advices and tips along the way. It will be interesting to hear from anyone totally new to this building hobby as to how much it guides them. There were times when you went a little 'click happy', when repeating actions you have described already. I would suggest you repeat key aspects during this to act as signpost reminders for those relying on it as their guide. In particular, when going to the emulator, there was no explanation of what was happening and your movements were quite fast. But that is meant to be constructive criticism. Great job! Now could someone create an introduction to give more of an overview and explain how o set up zones and add media? Then tasks, and timers... etc... Anyone have the time to do similar for Urwigo and Earwigo? Paul.
  23. officially probably yes, but effectively no. it may see some development again at some point in the future, but when or if that happens is unknown. in the meantime, it may be a good idea to try one of the alternative builders. It was precisely this problem that led me to Earwigo - another developer tool for Wherigo cartridges - it has many advantages over the standard builder- worldwide maps being just one of them. If you email sTeamTraen he can set you up with access - it is a web based tool. Other developer tools are available! 8) Urwigo probably does the same but I have not explored that properly yet. Stickies for both these tools can be found at the top of this forum Paul.
  24. I don't see anything missing. The recognition of in/out of range, coupled with the ability to send a 'message' gives tremendous potential. In game the message could become a task, or an item, even another character... so that's good. Someone else would need to comment on the Object / class / method completeness, but I expect you are confident you have that covered anyway. I'd be very excited to see this come to fruition, but then the challenge will be to see how many developers and players there are out there who would pick up on it. Paul.
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