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our cache is missing

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FYI from the kowledgebook:




Visit the page of the listing you wish to archive. Click on the "archive listing" link in the Navigation box in the top right of the page. Enter some text for the log and click "Submit Log Entry."


A warning will alert you, "This can only be reversed by a reviewer or a site administrator. Use the "temporarily disable this cache" option if you only need to take your cache offline for a short time. If you still wish to archive this cache, click on the "yes" button to continue." Click the YES button to archive the listing.


Again, this is permanent.


If you simply want to temporarily disable the cache to give yourself time for repairs, click on the "disable listing" link in the Navigation box in the top right of the cache page. You can enable the listing there, when the cache is ready for finders.

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First you want to check to make sure it's gone. Could be that a finder re-hit to too well or an animal dislodged it from its hiding place. Or sometimes people simply can't find it. Also DNFs seem to be "catching". If there is one, subsequent cachers seem to put in less of an effort so they tend to build on each other.


IF you are certain it is gone and IF you have no intention of replacing it, then you should archive it. If you are certain it is gone and you plan on replacing it, just temporarily disable it.

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Yes you can archive it , or you could replace it in the same spot, covered with some natural looking material and using a more camouflaged container. I remember it being a bit easy to see from several feet away when I visited it some time ago. Based on the logs I'd agree it is most likely gone.. but I'd check just to be sure.

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