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  1. There is nothing wrong with taking TBs and not leaving others in return. TBs are not exchange items, they are meant to travel. And if you see a cache where the cache owner stipulates that you have to leave a TB to take a TB, you should take all the TBs and move them along. TBs belong to the person who released them, not the owners of the caches they rest in.
  2. As I don't see anyone who entered that they smashed the cache to get to it, I can only imagine that you saw the person doing it. Since you were there to see it happen, why didn't you tell them to stop? Or are you jumping to conclusions?
  3. Is this everything? Wanting to know why a cache needs to be archived is hardly flaming.
  4. I also just purchased an Explorist GC. One thing I do strongly recomend is to go to the web site and make sure you have the most updated firmware. When I upgraded mine some issues I was having went away.
  5. I think I would also agree to many things if my driver was "thinking" of leaving me stranded in the desert.
  6. Why not declare it on your homeowners/renters insurance?
  7. As the c/o hasn't checked on it in over a year, after a couple of DNF's he'd likely just archive it.
  8. Also keep in mind that in many parts of the world it has been cold and snowy. Where these coins and TBs are/were located could have had a warm few days where the cachers went out found a number of caches and travelars while the weather permitted.
  9. You could disable it until you have a chance to go out and check on it.
  10. One thing I've noticed is using an object that is fairly large could be a bad idea. Bigger items can be dificult to place in areas loaded with minis and micros.
  11. After two or three days days you sent this guy four emails in the course of a week. Are you really surprised that he didn't respond to your hounding him? I would at best have been creaped out.
  12. If they are only worth $9.99 to one person, why should I bid more on it just because you need money?
  13. If this is even close to the truth, why do so many people use an iPhone to cache? Well, lots of people buy mobile phones. To try and get you to buy coffee from your nearest retailer, many of them have gps, digital compasses, wibbly wobbly web access, maps and an app store full of toys (some of them probably still make telephone calls? ) It's kind of an obvious step from having the capability as part of something else to trying it out I suppose. I think the first time you see it in action it looks quite amazing. Google Street view that reacts to the way you're pointing the phone? After all phones are new, and perhaps car sat nav is old hat, but maybe just as being able to walk around and make a phone call amazed people in the early 90s (late 80s if you were a yuppie) I'm guessing walking around with something that tells you where you are is a novelty for many people. And how does this address the supposed imposibility of using an iPhone to cache?
  14. If this is even close to the truth, why do so many people use an iPhone to cache?
  15. Just curious, what happens when a cacher trips and sprains his/her ankle on your property while searching for the cache? Most people really aren't sue-happy but there's always a couple out there. People who are prone to sue will do so without a cache in your yard to attract them. Avoid them in your yard and you might run into them (causing grievous mental, emotional and physical harm in the process, natch) on the street. I agree that people who are prone to sue will do so however, now that you have invited them on your property to find a cache they are a guest and not a tresspasser. Your legal obligations toward a guest are significantly higher than that owed to someone who is tresspassing.
  16. Just curious, what happens when a cacher trips and sprains his/her ankle on your property while searching for the cache? Most people really arn't sue happy but there's always a couple out there.
  17. It's just a bad idea in my area. The few times people have tried, there have been problems. Straight to the ignore list for me. The only one I've gone after turned out to be in the neighborhood I grew up in which did make it interesting. While I did find and log that one, following lawn caches I just ignored. Just feels too creepy going on someones property.
  18. I have a couple bugs where a person who found them moved them from cache to cache. One had over 30 entries over two days but only traveled a total of 60 miles. The other, the person moved it over 700 miles over the course of a week or so and dipped it several caches along the way. The first one kind of annoyed me as what is the point, the second one while the miles were a little on the fake side did actually get moved quite a distance. My point is that while both meant well it seems there should be point if you are going to just dip it in many caches.
  19. I'm not a big fan of them. I always feel a bit creepy and paranoid that the CO didn't really get permission.
  20. That's just not fair and very rude to those of us who did not want to leave our computers.
  21. Ok so if FTFs shouldn't go to the fastest and most dedicated and often most available cache hunters then how do you decide who is entitled to get the FTF? Also, how long are the fastest/dedicated/available cachers expected to restrain their searches? Perhaps they should wait until everyone else who is interested in FTF catches up? Hold on though, now in that group of not quite as fast FTF hounds, there will still be some people who are getting FTFs faster than others. Should they now be required to stay home as well so that still slower people can get the FTFs to which they are entitled? My head is starting to hurt here.
  22. What's the difference?
  23. Are pictures available somewhere on the internet?
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