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Feature Requests I-III (from old forums)


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Here are the lists of feature requests from the old forums, updated to current status and with a few of my own feature requests thrown in.


From Peter Scholtz' list (some removed that are no longer relevant or implemented in some form or fashion)...

1. Maps outside the USA

2. Statistics

3. Chat/IRC

4. Edit cache logs

5. Search

5.1 Type

5.2 Keyword search to include cache details (Search engine)

5.3 Distance

5.4 Date hidden

5.5 Date found

5.6 Number of logs

5.7 Direction

5.8 Difficulty

5.9 Terrain

5.10 Size

5.11 Town/County

5.12 Cacher

5.15 Provinces (like the states for the US)

5.16 Multiple zip codes

6. Search results

6.1 Show total cache logs (for each type)

6.3 Distance by road

6.4 City

7. Recent cache logs, sort by state or user


9. Logbook password protect

10. Longer cookie expiry date / Automatic login

11. Optional spelling checker/preview of cache report, cache logging and forum posts

12. Download a database file

13. Able to select notification option for forum topics


21. Geocache hardware products

21.1 Auto picture upload when a cache is opened

21.2 USB cache visit logger

22. Cache details

22.1 Recommended approach direction

22.2 Replacement for difficulty/terrain five star system

22.3 Date range/lifespan


25. Picture gallery

26. Updated zip codes

27. MAPS, Maps, maps ...


From Choberiba's posting...

Using "VC" for virtual cache, "MC" for micro cache, "EC" for event cache

Wheelchair accessible icon

A 'mark' button for messages so that they can be either downloaded as text or printed without all the other comments

Abilty to change "not found" and "found" to "other".

Additional frown choices (Problem) (Baffled)

Omit caches I've found from the results of a search would be handy. From there it's a short step to omitting those found by any arbitrary user, and another short step to use a list of users...

Who is "watching" my caches?

Edit picture names and captions after they have been submitted.

A search in which we specify the lat/lon of the upper left and lower right bounds of the rectangle.

Two of these suggestions appear well suited for a marriage: a downloadable database, and searching for the nearest caches on a route

How 'bout allowing cache partners to post joint logs that will put the tally their finds to their separate home pages?

What if we could give feedback on difficulty?

I want a ROUTE search

I'd love to see the feature of including a "codeword" in your cache and making it required to log a successful find at geocaching.com.

Myself, I would like to be able to highlight a road system and see all the caches along side it.

I would love to know which cache is the "must-visit". Whether there is a weighted system or local "guides" who give their personal opinion, I don't care.

How about multiple encrypted hints. Sometimes you want to give hints starting with easier ones and progressing to more specific ones as needed. That way, you don't give away the "whole ball of wax" at once.

How about letting people that have placed say 4 or 5 caches, be able to list their new caches right away as opposed to having to have each one verified?

My request: This little reply box could be a little bigger for long-winded, super-brilliant posts like this.


Finally, my own feature requests...

Download to PDA. Whether it is AvantGo or Plucker, I don't care. What I care to have is a PDA-friendly format and not just a copy of the geocaching.com search page.

Links to/mention of complimentary sites or services. Examples: ClayJar's chat room, stats page, and GeoBuddy.





N35°32.981 W98°34.631


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Adding my .02 to the list


- Link the name of the cache instead of using a "details" link. I always go to click the title (like I'm used to on Message Boards and such) and have to remind myself to use the details link.

- Ability to show more then just 25 caches per page (dropdown selectable?)

- Link name of user to profile, wherever it may show up. This is currently done in the logs, but not on a search results page, and then at the top of the Cache page, there is a seperate "[profile]" link. It should just be a given accross the site that a linked name goes to a profile.

- an "X number of people have found this cache" statement. I think that was mentioned above, but wanted to add my vote.

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Another $0.02. Pretty soon we'll be talking about some real money!


I'd like to see last found/last logged dates on the search results page. This would be especially useful when watch lists are broken, as I could see at a glance whether there was any activity near me within the past few days.

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Originally posted by parkrrrr:

I'd like to see last found/last logged dates on the search results page.


Um... brain fart... of course last found is already there. What I really meant was a way to see at a glance if it's been logged without a find; perhaps an update on the condition or a "not found" or whatever.

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