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Going back to a found cache to grab a TB?

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Brand new geocacher, loving it so far.


Q: If I see that a TB has been placed in a cache that I have already found, would going to pick up the bug and help it on it's way be a "faux-paw"?


A related scenario is last weekend I forgot that one of the caches I was going after said it had a bug in it. After getting home I kicked myself, but went back the next day to nab it and it wasn't in there. Looks like it's MIA. (actually, since that was the second TB that wasn't in a cache I am starting to think this whole TB thing is a massive "snipe-like" conspiracy by vetran GCs to have some fun with us newbies... quite a racket you've got going icon_wink.gif


Seriously, though, any thoughts on the appropriateness of going back to grab a TB? I probably wouldn't even be asking if I could find one where the cache page says it's supposed to be... I just want to find my first bug!

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I myself don't see anything wrong with it. I've gone back to caches to place travel bugs, I don't see what would be wrong with going back to a cache to retreive one. If you want to feel guilty, bring a trash bag with you on your second visit, or use the same cache to introduce somebody else to caching, or take an established cacher who hasn't found that particular cache yet. Happy cachin'!!! 15T



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I have done this a number of times. I do not feel guilty about doing it as I almost always have the bug in a new cache on the same or following day. That is WAY under the average time people hold on to them. I usually post a new picture of the bug as well.




"Why worry when you can obsess?"

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I noticed several weeks ago that a TB had been placed in a nearby cache. Since I'd already found this cache and retrieved one TB from it, I thought I'd leave this one for someone else. But three weeks have now gone by without any activity. I'll be going out of town again in a few days, so I picked up the bug in order to help it along on its journey. Next stop Indianapolis! icon_biggrin.gif



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