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Has the West Virginia souvenir been released yet?

According to this thread, yes.



I don't see it on my profile and I have found (and logged) multiple traditional caches in West Virginia. I do see it list though, does anyone see it showing up on their profile?


I haven't found a cache in WVA so I don't have the souvenir in my profile but I just went to the Hide-and-Seek a cache page, selected West Virgina to view caches for the state, scrolled down a bit and selected a random cache, selected the user name of one of the finders, then checked their profile for souvenirs. The WVA souvenir showed up in the first one that I looked at.




That doesn't mean that everyone that *retroactively* found a cache in WVA was awarded a souvenir. On the day that a souvenir is released (Jan 13, 2011 in the case of WVA), Groundspeak runs a process to retroactively award the souvenir to anyone that has previously found a cache in souvenir region. That process has not been without it's glitches, and once the process completes, the awarding of souvenirs for a region essentially only occurs when someone has posted a found it log (or an attended log on an event), or used the official geocaching mobile app to search while currently located within the souvenir region. The only other way that you're going to get a souvenir for a regions in which you found a cache *prior* to the souvenir being released is if one of the lackey manually adds it to your profile or re-runs the retroactive awarding process for that specific souvenir region (as they did for Iowa and Florida). The Souvenir section of the Feedback site has been used to report problems when awarding souvenirs and Groundspeak has been pretty good about updating the status on those topics.

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If you are missing a souvenir that you are entitled to (or have acquired one that you are not entitled to) please e-mail contact@Groundspeak.com with your user name, the souvenir in question, and whether you need it added or removed.

Thanks for the reminder, I see where WV is now on my profile and the profiles of my friends it was missing from. Personally I figure I'll wait until all 50 state's souvenirs have been released then if any are missing I'll send one list then

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