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loading caches and sd cards


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I didn't know which forum to pose this question but here it is.

I'm getting a new 2G micro sd card with topo Canada maps for my Garmin Map60CSx and was wondering how the caches I have loaded will be affected once I remove the present card and replace it with the new. Are the caches I now have loaded to the card or into internal memory?

Will the caches I have loaded now show on the new map?

Is there anything I should do before removing the old 512mb card and replacing it with the new 2G card? There is so much info in these forums that the answers are probably there somewhere but my eyes are getting sore from reading so I'm taking the lazy way here. ;)

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If you're loading the caches as "geocaches", they go into the internal memory, not the card. So you can just switch cards and still see the caches without any extra effort.


If you're loading the caches as "custom points of interest" (POIs), they go to the card, so you'd need to re-load them to the new card once you've installed it.


If you haven't already bought the maps, check out Ibycus Topo via your favorite search engine. They're free and quite good.

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