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The "Where in Canada" Map Quiz!

Happy Paddlers

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More yogurt! :mmraspberry:


In a recently rare state of stasis, I'm working on a new image, but if someone wants this, by all means claim it... but hurry I'll be back shortly. I have to do some work first. I won't give it away right now though! All these easy ones lately are not getting any attention, so I'm going to work on theme matching.. ie new ones.



16 caches is what I can see.

0011 C.T. GC2MH4A on the left to 0001 C.T. (Welcome to Tignish) GC2KBK5 plus a few others, with Resting Cache part three GC1EZFY upper right

with Holy Smokes! GC1GNG4 on the lower right


Doug 7rxc

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It's been a while, almost forgot how to post an image... duh.


Ok heres one with the similar theme of fairly new. Shouldn't be to hard, since it is somewhat promotional like the last one... but only as a cacher destination I think that's fair, not commercial in any way.




That should last a few minutes. Have fun! Got to go back to working.


Doug 7rxc

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Doh! I've -seen- that area before and I can't remember where!!!!!!!


Sigh.. clicky clicky time...!

I muttered just about the same thing re Stagunners... also duh! I wasn't going to claim that one but things worked out.

BTW your pw recovery file didn't work for me... didn't see any sign of Vista... I think it was predating... OR I didn't get it right!

you seemed to vanish. Good news is that I found one similar that worked just fine! So the laptop has been back working for her for a while now. That's off topic of course, but I am thankful for your assistance. I think I mentioned it earlier as well.


Doug 7rxc

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I haven't looked into this thread for a couple of months, and whaddya know, I recognized the last two right away. This is my backyard practically.


Elk Lakes (well, you know that already), and Alberta's oldest cache, Strathcona Wilderness #1, GCA6 if I recall correctly. Heh, didn't even have to look that one up. [Pause to look it up...] Yep.


Three more caches to go, and I've cleaned out that little park.


Next up:


What's the smiley?


(Not recommended to dig through my profile to figure it out; that doesn't sound like fun at all.)

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Did you follow my profile, or go looking for lakes shaped roughly like that?

I always work from the photo provided... as per what I've helped others with... also what I've seen browsing around Canada while playing... The deciduous trees and small hilly bits plus the noon shadow length helped a lot. Other than that I'm not interested in anything but photo analysis / forensics. Should get back to finding a replacement... I find that harder than most of the pics here.

BTW I had two false starts on this one... but same total time for all three.


Edit: I'll just put up a fairly easy (I think) one for this time, to help encourage people back into the game...




Of course I always seem to think that! Good luck!


Doug 7rxc

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Just an early season bump! And to apolize that my recent pic isn't available for a while. The image host has gone down and I'm thinking about a new one. At first I thought it was my stuff, but it's a DNS failure. Seems to be to be not just me but even GS.

It's gone for a few days before so I'll wait a bit for it's return or an answer to my query to them... only been a short while.

Meanwhile if anyone wants it I could email one... but even I don't have much time for a while longer, but the snow is coming lower each week.

Edit: I made my choice for several reasons... total download being one... and max storage for another.


Here is another copy of my last offering to get the new season working again. Take your time. I'm going caching.




Doug 7rxc

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Just bumping this up... two reasons...

1: it was time to bump it up since it's low on the page.


2: Today is the 1st anniversary of WiC's start on November 23, 2010.

Anyone ever hear from HappyPaddlers who started it up?


Don't know about where you are, but the snow is on the ground and the early winter storms are rolling through the mountains.

Still some hurrying around to do as Christmas and other holidays approach quickly, but we should all slow down sooner or later.


BTW have a Happy Thanksgiving to any US viewers (I know there are some).

My host for images disappeared, sorry about broken links, but I'm now with a different one. Still no nibbles on the one I put up this summer.


Doug 7rxc

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I give up. I've looked for a while, but I can't find it. It's been months. Can you at least give a hint?

Hi there... wish you had said something earlier, I just assumed most people were busy doing real caches while the weather held up.

Some places it's almost still summer or early fall... Have you read some of the earlier posts on technique or are you starting up from scratch? Not meaning to be testy or anything, I've had people start with all sorts of levels of skill and some interesting techniques... so pardon me if it sounds bad...


One thing to consider is that we early on decided that the normal view would be NORTH UP. Some have been turned slightly, but then we would show the orientation of True North. Mostly it's the N up view. That in itself is a big help. Looking at the shadows cast, one can then see that this is roughly 10:30 am give or take, since there isn't any way to know where in a time zone it's located.

Can you see the rocky area, the differing shadow lengths on the left and the right side give some sense that it is indeed a ridge area. Those narrow green areas are common features in mountainous areas with fairly high relief. The fact that they pass the cache on the ridge says that there is height both above and below, so it's part way up a mountain... so you can look south of high peaks and ridges. Leaves out the prairies and most of eastern Canada. Another fact is that I'm known to favour local caches, although I occasionally wander afield... and I said it was a fairly easy one early on... How's that for hinting... and some instruction...


I'm a bit busy with the upcoming Holiday season events, SAR training, and just life, but if you want to chat, you can use a PM or just email through my profile... I've helped quite a few get into this... One last advice for now... Don't let the initial feeling of being overwhelmed by the problem get to you... Everyone including me felt that a bit at first. Many of us can now knock them off pretty quick. I always suggest going back and trying some of the more easy ones in the early posts. Those have the benefit of answers (just don't peek ahead). BTW when you find it just post the GC# and name, not coordinates so as to not spoil the offering for late comers...


Hope that helps or will elicit more questions.


Doug 7rxc

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Finally a finder! Told you it was easy one. Congrats... Not sure if the high volume of seekers this year will produce an offer to place one though. That's the hard part to me, thinking of a new one.


BTW that ridge is both close in and surrounded by avalanche chutes... and the current av rating is HIGH with more snow falling as we speak.


Doug 7rxc

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Yes, I would appreciate some more hints on this one... I am fairly new at this so I would like to be able to stump others too... :D


If you wish, you or anyone can email me through my profile to start... I would be glad to help get you started on how to do a few ways. Im afraid that someone has found it! I believe FTF is still available once the snow goes away. I got the Happy Birthday Dad one last summer and I was taken out of service for quite a while as a result... NOT a walk in a park these.


There are certainly a few easier ones here now.


Again I'll say sorry that most of my offering pics disappeared along with my image host itself, (now on PhotoBucket).

If anyone wants to train on or just play any of them for fun, I can provide the pics, but there is no way to edit the posts.


Best advice for doing this, is from Douglas Adams "Don't Panic!". There is a strong tendency to get overwhelmed with the task, when it is only rarely really hard. Mostly you have to simply observe the photograph offered, identify the visual clues (good ones are selected to actually have some there somewhere), then make educated guesses about the places in Canada it might be. You will be surprised at how much of the country gets eliminated quickly once you get to know it. This last one was in my local area of course, but clearly had mountains, lots of trees (conifers), those swath patterns are avalanche chutes, which generally happens on larger 'hills'. You can see that they pass the cache, so there must be a fair bit up above it yet, and the slope is facing south, which is common enough, but in this area most mountains are running NW to SE. But the point is that you are looking for south facing slopes.


Anyway it's late and that was just a sample... take a good look at the photo and you can tell me what else you see in that email.

Most pick it up quick once clued in on the things to look for. It is fun.


Doug 7rxc

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GC1217Y Red Bridge


Strictly a Lucky Guess, I recognized the area.


I'm new at posting a pic so it might take me a while to get a new one up.

Great job! Welcome aboard. Let me know if you need help posting. The hard part is 'which cache to show'. If you can find the image of one from last year, and go to the Cache page, I believe Avenar still has a bookmark list of the ones already used up. My list is way out of date or I'd offer it. Most of the pics are working, but I had my image host take a deep six so my pics have gone off the posts.

Except the last one. Try to keep it to one or two caches, one chap had over 35, which I consider used and not available any more for our purposes. The Beta Maps were featuring only the selected cache and extra WPs. So that is what many use to isolate. If they don't show on the screen they are still usable. Just remember a few things, NORTH = UP (the norm in BM), and make sure the ID is NOT showing (number off). That has been done as well. Include a few visual clues useful to finding it and personally, I like to keep the area small with higher detail. This one was higher (sometimes that works well)altitude/larger area) but there was plenty to see and work with. I was about 40 to 45 minutes, not knowing the area... I just went the wrong direction around my search... it happens.


I usually grab an image with ALT-Prt Scr and then paste it into an editor to crop to size, then upload it to my image host, grab the form of link there and paste it back here. If that helps. Even MS Paint works fine, but has a select area then copy/paste to a NEW file and save as whatever step. Easy and almost all PC's have that or something.


Doug 7rxc Glad to see some new blood here, it's fun (when you can't get caching)

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Well, good job on climbing the curve!


I sat on the one I posted too long, so I'm letting the new blood do some finding for now.


Have to get some more players in... then it gets really interesting.


Have fun, I'm going to have a yogurt cone. :mmraspberry:




Doug 7rxc

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I have a really great one that I want to do, but I don't know how to get the picture from Geocaching Maps. Any ideas?

Start with post 527 I wrote for such purposes... email me via my profile if you have any questions...


edit: I notice that I should add that you can use either the Full Beta Map with all caches, or for our purpose, the single cache display box on the cache page itself when set to Satellite view and dynamic. Hope that helps.


Doug 7rxc cooking dinner right now. not cooking any more!

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I don't know which image host to post to. So far I've tried posting to Weebly and Photobucket and I've gotten this message:


You are not allowed to use that image extension on this board.


Please help.

PhotoBucket should work, I use that here now. Try clicking on my avatar and send me the details in an email please.

In the profile is a send message link. I suspect that you are having a problem placing the image... simple cut and paste of the

link will work, or you can use the linking tool on the tool bar but with the correct link for that. No mix and match.

At least you have the image itself now... good on that. They may have changed something recently though... I need to see what you are doing.


Edit: On PhotoBucket, select the image you want to use, under that you will see the linking information, use the IMG code,

just put the cursor on the code and left click, you should see it say "copied". Just paste that into the posting, don't have to do anything else or use the link tools, but they work as well with the proper link information. JUST use Copy and Paste.

It should work fine. Still like an email, I sent you one to your profile information.



Doug 7rxc

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Glad to see you got it! Didn't see an email yet though!


Edit: Saw this while going out today, just had time to write this comment earlier.

Got home about 6:30, and made supper after cleaning up, about 8 I started to play.

At 11 I get another yogurt cone :mmraspberry:. Needed dessert.

Again, I have decided to let the new blood play with it. All I'll say is that it was a fun hunt, not a short time effort. And I did it the way I started, just taking a look and then guessing a lot, so that technique works, but isn't really time efficient.


I'm going to post the same area when I get a minute, just to show arkanada110 and everyone else what can be done image wise, besides it might help someone.

I'm happy that all you new hunters have done so well!


Doug 7rxc

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this is just my version of Arkanada110's image to see if it was any better. It may not be... I was just doing a quick shot, not a finished one. This is using .jpg throughout and it will always be grainy. More when I get some sleep. I won't be able to tell til I wake up. :rolleyes:




This is a lot smaller but shows the image clearly, I caught it at a higher 'altitude' than A did. I used 1 km on the scale A used 500m for reference (lower left.) Mine left the scale out of the pic. You can tell it's different since the cache marker is one of the green ones, not the box from closer in. I want to do a .png of this, but not sure what the basic Google map produces before doing the capture. Always more questions... like snow it keeps coming!


Doug 7rxc

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Legend III GC697D


This one took me a while, there were three areas with water and land running in this direction that leapt to mind and I tried the other two first :D

I see you did something similar to me... you don't have to do everything I do, you know! :rolleyes:

One of the hard things to do when seeking things is to back away from 'dead' ends, reassess and then start again.

Of course on harder ones, hiders try to take advantage of that by creative use of clues to make you think that way.


That's part of the, er, Fun.

Edit: yep! that's a cache. :mmraspberry::rolleyes:

Doug 7rxc going to take a peek at your new one.. yep!

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Thanks for sticking around... I was just about to bump that to keep it on the 'front page'.


I think that this year far to many people have had good weather for REAL Geocaching! Not like here in the mountains.

I'm still trying to dig out from the last storm and it's already melting away (thank heaven) but with 4 to 6 feet in some places that takes a lot of time by hand.


It can't be that the image is to hard, since it only took a few minutes... I've considered finishing it with one for you to do.

But I've got other things. SAR is busy recently and it looks to be for a while yet. Then there is trying to get some sleep sometime.


But it is spring now, only a few more months with snowfall... two years ago the last dump was May 26 in the valley. Can't remember last year, but again fairly late... On the other hand it could go away for good in a week or two...


Doug 7rxc

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