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Grabbing a Travelbug from your own cache?


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Some say it isn't, but I agree with the ones who say it is. A travel bugs goal is to travel and if you can help, go for it. Some people also say that you have to trade for a TB. I agree with the ones that say no, again, because it's goal is to travel, not be kept. Just don't be a TB hog, which you won't be if you only take one.

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I agree with the previous responses. Get those bugs moving, since that's what they are there for. Especially if you can get them closer to whatever their goal is.


I like finding bugs but since I don't travel too much, the bugs only go as far as my travels. My philosophy is to place them back in a cache within a week, unfortunately this only results in their moving a few miles in some cases. When I get the chance I'll move them farther.


As a fellow bug owner, I would prefer that they moved as opposed to sitting somewhere for a while. While I have not grabbed any that had been placed in one of my caches, if one had not been visited in a while I would definitely do so. I wouldn't make it a habit though.


I vote for Tazzie Box (biased opinion).


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In my opinion:


Taking a bug from your own cache: yes

Taking more than one: no

Only trade a bug for a bug: definitely NO!

Keeping a bug longer than 1-2 weeks: no


Post about the bug as soon as you get it to let the owner know where it is. Post pictures if possible.


Some bugs may require that they be kept longer, but if you keep it longer than 2 weeks, take a new picture and post a new log to keep the owner up-to-date. Post intentions as well.


I saw someone create 4 new bugs in our area once and every single one was picked up by the same person, in the same day, and from 2 different caches. That was quite a bit of hogging, in my opinion, and I was bummed that I didn't get one. icon_frown.gif


So, go get a bug from your cache!


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I agree that only one bug should be taken and that it should be placed in a cache ASAP! I also think that it is okay to retrieve from your cache or from the cache you might have placed it in.


I moved a bug this weekend from Durango, CO to Farmington, NM. This bug, Pink Lady was "languising" in a plundered cache. If she doesn't move by 8/10, I intend to retrieve her and move her to an Albuquerque cache, which should facilitate a real move.


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I had the same dilemma a few days ago while doing maintenance on one of my caches. I was upgrading the container so that I could put it where I originally wanted it. (The previous container wasn't waterproof and was rather bulky, which limited my options.) When I opened the cache I found two TBs inside. What I had in mind would have increased the cache difficulty/terrain to at least a 4.5/4.5 and since I figured the last thing bug owners would want is for their bugs to be trapped in caches that will rarely be found, I took them both.


What I planned though didn't quite work out... each attempt to secure the cache in place failed and I could hear a storm approaching, so I had to resort to my backup plan. The cache wound up a 3/4. That' not so bad, so I chucked one of the bugs back not wanting to be a bug hog. icon_smile.gif

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You might be a bugaholic if...


1. You went out at 1:00 am because you found out Jeremy's We Three Monks bug just showed up in town.

2. You watch caches just to know when bugs come into town.

3. You raced out to a cache because you knew the owner was going to get it first.

4. You plan your out of town trips on caches that have bugs.


I have a habit of running out and getting bugs. Mostly because I have found most every cache in the area. Bug hunting gives me another reason to get out of the house and go for a walk.


What I don't do is hold onto bugs for a long time. If i do hold the bug, I do it for a reason. I always e-mail the owner if I have it for very long to let them know why. I have about three MIA bugs and I know how it feels to be on the other end.


I try to take bugs to my cache meetings each month. I have logged many of my bugs at a meeting and passed them along for cachers to put in new caches or to take on trips. Since the meeting is a cache as far as I'm concerned. Lastly, I always try to mention the bug and it's destination and where it really needs to go next in the log. I've found this will get people to think about the bugs destination when they come looking for it.


Most of all, I'm just addicted to see what's going to be hanging on the end of that darn dog tag next.



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