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rain gauge cache?


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what is a rain gauge cache?

Not sure what a rain gauge cache is. But there is a type of cache that is a peice of PVC pipe standing upright with a plug on the bottom. There is also a small hole in the bottom of the cache. Inside the pipe there is a 355MM film can. I order to get the cache you have to poor water into the pipe and grab the cache when it reachs the top before all the water runs out.

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Never heard of it. A cache made out of a rain gauge?
A cache made from (or camouflaged as) a rain gauge might work if it were hidden in/near a community garden. But as others have indicated, the term is usually used for a cache that is dropped into a vertical pipe of some kind, that needs to be floated out by filling the vertical pipe with water.
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A bad idea.


Why? With a little imagination someone could probably make a pretty clever container out of one. If you could glue in a piece of plastic such that it had a false back and enclose the top, it might look like a normal garden variety rain gauge, but upon closer inspection have a compartment big enough for a log sheet.

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They are very easy to make. Get a peice of PVC pipe that you cache will fit into. I have used film cans. Glue a cap on the bottom of the pipe. THen drill a small hole on the side near the bottom. Strap the pipe to a post of tree with lots of zip ties then drop the film can into the pipe with the log in the can. When the cacher finds the pipe they must poor water into it in order to grab the film can when it flots to the top. I have used a pipe that is 12 to 18 inches long.

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