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Explorist gc and gpx files


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Ok, First ever gps. I want to put a pocket query on my explorist GC. How do i do it?

I can't seem to find a way to put a pocket query on to my gpsr. Easy GPS doesn't support the magellan eXplorist GC. What do I need to do? Is there a way to make it easy to download a bunch of caches to my gpsr?


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Ok, First ever gps. I want to put a pocket query on my explorist GC. How do i do it?

I can't seem to find a way to put a pocket query on to my gpsr. Easy GPS doesn't support the magellan eXplorist GC. What do I need to do? Is there a way to make it easy to download a bunch of caches to my gpsr?



Wow, a topic on which I can speak with actual knowledge....


To load them, I plug my GC into the USB. Once you click "connect to PC" on the GC, your PC should recognize it as an external disk drive (like a flash drive). Open/Explore it like you would a flash drive.


Download and open the PQ using your favorite ZIP utility. You will find two GPX files in the PQ, one named 12345.gpx and one called 12345-wpt.gpx (obviously the numbers change with every PQ).


Drag the files over to the opened directory of the GC. The numbers only file should go in the sub-directory called Geocaches. The one with numbers and "wpt" goes into the Waypoints sub-directory.


Unplug the USB, the GC will reboot and away you go!


PM me if you want. I've been using my GC since April.

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If you havn't already done it, get the Magellan plug in.


While the GC is connected, go to any cache page and click the "send to GPS" button and choose Magellan from the pop up window. It should prompt you to get the plug in.


This allows you to load a single on-off cache with a single click. Very handy when you find a new cache that isnt in your PQs or if you are looking for a specific cache. I use it when a new cache is published and I am trying for a FTF, or if I am visiting a place not in my home territory (like the cache in the park across the street from my company HQ in another state).

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doing the send to gps....does it fill up the GC quicker?

i use GSAK for my 62s and my gf's GC. usually there are less then 10 gpx files on the units, but usually thousands of caches.

some have said some units have gpx file quantity limits. some say 200 gpx files some say more.


just curious.

yes the send to gps is convenient but if it fills the unit up then you will get frustrated at a later point.


i am also curious if there is a gpx file for a cache and then later you add it with a pq what info does it display for the cache?




good luck with your GC. we are on number 4 now since the end of july.



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I hope it's ok that I'm piggybacking onto this thread. I'm very new to all of this and just got the eXplorist GC - I've spent the last couple hours trying to figure out how to load caches to it!


I've tried to click the "send to GPS" icon, and it says I'm missing a plugin, but when I try to download it, it says "No suitable plugins were found". I've tried to go to this site: http://www.magellangps.com/products/map.asp?PRODID=2301 and download the Magellan Communicator directly, but because I'm on a Mac, I can't open .exe files. I did try opening it through Stuffit Expander, but it didn't work. I also tried to download it on a PC and it wouldn't open either.


I downloaded GPSBabel and tried changing the .loc file I saved to other formats and tried it to send it directly to the GPS. No luck.


Pretty much, I'm completely lost and have been poking around trying to figure out what it going on and to make it work, but I'm having no luck at all and just getting frustrated. Can anyone help?? Please?? I'm going crazy here. ;)

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i would recommend reading the forums for some help with your gc.

there are a number of ppl using macs that use it successfully on their mac. however i think most of them are premium members and do the PQ thing. then when they unzip the PQ they copy and paste the 2 gpx files from the PQ (one for caches and the other for waypoints) into their GC.

to be able to run PQ's (pocket query) you need to me a premium member. but you can do up to 1000 caches in a PQ search based on a zip or cache as the center point filtering things as you wish. such as size of cache and type of cache and a few other options as well.

with the units that are paperless and offer things such as cache description, hint, logs and such you will want the gpx files (also be sure you edit your profile to get the 1.1 or is it 1.01 gpx file for more/better info). the loc file is slim on info and will get you no further ahead with your paperless gps. all the good info for paperless is in the gpx file.


while there is alot it can be handled. just take some time. do some reading and ask questions. there are alot of helpful ppl on here.


for myself (started caching the end of july) i have played alot and read alot to learn what i know so far. still alot to learn, but better then i was at first.


good luck with your GC



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I know this is an old thread so i hope someone reads this...


I have just got a Explorist GC and a Premium member account and am having troubles loading my Pocket Queries. I have tried dragging the gpx files into the said folders with no luck. I also tried a loading program and that didnt work either. It came loaded with 1000 caches so i tried removing that file and dragging it back in to see what happened. now only 50 of them load into the GPS.


I can get the one offs using the website no worries.


am I doinf something wrong ? is my unit broken?


please help. I really want to get this working the best i can.





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