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  1. the mustaches would be funny. have seen caches talked about where thereis a hat or some odd item that the cache owner would like a pic of the finder wearing it. mustaches for the finder to wear for a pic would be funny. not many around here leave sig items.
  2. search for pill pouch online. most drug stores have them. 50 bags at a time for under 2 bux usually
  3. i do love pictures, but also respect that some pics will spoil the find for others. so we take pics, but not many end up on the cache page. there is a local cacher here that feels the need to always take pics and post on his finds. sooo if you are having problems then look for his log. it will likely help you out. Monty
  4. http://2012.mogageo.com/ for some ideas. they did punches this year for the competitions. Monty
  5. idk exactly where you are at. i picked one of your cache finds and ran a PQ of events near that. with in 100 miles of this cache. http://coord.info/GC98E7 there are 53 events that come up. http://coord.info/GC3NYB7 http://coord.info/GC3PTJD are a couple Monty
  6. do you have a chance to use the GPS before you leave? this would help you get acquainted with it. not just how to use it but how to run a PQ and load it up. you can use the fancy programs, but they are not necessary. can set up and run the PQ. download it to computer. unzip it and then copy it to the GPS. idk how a mac works, but i would guess there are zip programs and mayb even something built in that will unzip the PQ. then copy to the right folder on your gps. then remove gps from computer. don't get frustrated. it is too early to do that. i think the 450 can hold either 2000 or 5000 caches on it. my 62s can hold 5000. which is alot of options. guessing where you are staying will have internet access so you can take time now while at home and set up multiple PQ's. one for immediate area you are visiting. one for extended area. multiple ones for the route or a caches along a route option. you can filter out certain types or difficulties of caches in the PQ. heck if you are not tech and have a little time hit up a local cacher at some event and have them help you. they are usually helpful folks. Monty
  7. while those are good points to the GC vs phone debate, but i am one of the GC owners who wished they had made a different choice. use it awhile. your mileage may vary Monty
  8. its in this blog as well. http://wherethecacheis.blogspot.com/ one today about the rise and fall of ET highway. in the last week or so there was an entry for the ET and one for RT 66 trails. when i first heard about it i was like really? how well is this going to fly over the long run? not something i planned on doing, but i can see the draw to it by many. sad to see it come to this, but it can happen. did anyone get hurt or were there just close calls on ppl getting hurt? or was it just failing to follow rules of the road and common courtesy? Monty
  9. remember you may or may not hit the gpx file limit on the gps by doing one at a time to the gps Monty
  10. to get the caches you find in your area onto your geomate jr is another story though. you will need to buy the cable to connect it to the computer. then i think you need to be a premium member to get pocket queries and then load them to the gps. i am not 100% sure on that as i do not have that gps. i think that is what i have read on the forums Monty
  11. new to caching (started late july 2010), but not new to cold. this past year i moved back to IA (grew up there) from Thief River Falls, MN (spent 18 yrs there). early december i hit a semi local cache to grab some trackables to move north with me before i left. was expecting a fairly easy cache (and as we all know afterwards yes it was easy) but i made it much harder. had a blast and took 45 minutes i bet to find it. snow was just above my shoes (left boots at home as i was not expecting the snow there as we had a trace at home, but this was 30 minutes north and they had alot more snow) so i ended up with cold wet feet and a smiley with some trackables to take with me. on top of the snow on the ground it was actively snowing. so now i head north after lunch that day. the entire 2wk trip was nothing but cold and snow. saw temps from 20 above to 20 below(windchills much colder at times). this was probably the most extreme. http://coord.info/GC6FE0 a friend of mine wanted a challenge. i had a coin that wanted to be in T4+ caches. so i found one and we made a day of it. what a day that was. windy cold and verry much Minnesnowta winter weather. on this trip north i cached in various cold/windy conditions as well as the one cache i stepped off the snowmobile trail and into crotch deep snow. didnt see that one coming at all. Monty
  12. 5 minutes or so before. i turned it on enroute to the location. Monty
  13. I hesitate to ask, but if you have not found the cache how do you know you are 80-110 ft. off? Is that what your GPSr is suggesting the EPE might be? i am getting coords for a hide. the one location i used my 62s for to average coords shows me withing 2 ft after multiple attempts. this 2nd location i cannot get close at all after averaging. i average and then go back to that point and i am 80-110 ft off. odd that one location is spot on and the other is not close enough to say good to go. will try again. doesnt help that i am new to gps and to caching, but dang it i am not gonna let this win. i will figure it out Monty
  14. Hey mHm. What type of gps do you have and what is your Map datum set to: WGS 84? i have a 62s and it is set to WGS 84. i am hoping to get back out later this week when the temps warm up from 0 to try again. i just do not get that it is that far off. if i had not gotten spot on at another location i would not think much of it. Monty
  15. for the one i am having troubles with i am from 80-110 ft off. to me that is not acceptable. will try again and again til i am acceptablly happy. a hint would work, but that is not how we want this one. there is a concrete building nearby(40ft) that is 1 story tall that might be playing a role in the bad coords i am getting. will try at dif times of the day next. been trying from 10am-3pm. 5 times so far. still got time. so will take the advice here and see what i come up with. for us, i just passed 300 and my gf is just under 200 finds) we have found all kinds of coords. most are within 15ft (i would say 50%), but have had some that are 40. we usually dont say anything unless its been mentioned in previous logs or it is along ways off. heck out 2 gps units (her explorist GC and my 62s) have been the same and dif(by 25ft) at times. geosense definitely helps as does some patience and reality check. why are we out here and are we in a rush? Monty
  16. i am just putting thoughts here on the matter. i do not have a touch screen that i use outside. my ipod touch stays inside. and my 62s is not a touch screen. some have said the touch screen garmins are tough to use with gloves. others have said they donot have a problem. all a personal take on it. Monty
  17. we do understand. we also understand that each gps has a tolerance. say gps a is at one end of its tolerance and gps b trys to find the cache hidden by gps a and b is at the end of their tolerance. now we are adding tolerances and it could now be 50+ ft off. as well as if it was hidden by an old gps or on a bad reception day. this could make it better or worse. do your best to get good coords. ask here. learn about your gps. mayb find a local cacher to help you in person if you are intimidated by all this. someone who has hides under their belt. no harm in asking for help. we have been planning our first hides for the spring. the one i have gotten great coords for on dif days as well as dif weather. the other one i cannot seem to get good for the life of me. the location would be obvious when you got there, but to me that is not good enough. mayb i will have to ask for help on that one. i am using a 62s with the averaging feature. Monty
  18. the 310 i refer to is magellan. http://www.magellangps.com/Products/Outdoor-Navigation it is in their explorist line and new. idk if they gave a release date yet or not. it was announced at CES early january. msrp is planned to be 200. the GC was that til recently when it was changed to 150 i forget the other site to get open source maps at offhand. but gpsfiledepot is popular. the one i am thinking about is for garmin units depending on the gps, as well as what you want, the maps that ship with the gps might be sufficient. or might not be. might want topo if you are goingoff into the woods on some long hikes or mountanous areas. might want better street maps if you are gonna me in town. might want good maps if you are going to be riding or walking in town. hard to carry car gps and mobile gps at same time. some like touch screens. some do not. general consensus is touch screens are not as easy to read in sunlight. as well as tougher to use with gloves if you live in an area that is cold and you plan on caching in the winter. some are better on batteries then others. iirc the delorme's have the option of getting rechargeables that will charge in the unit when its plugged in. so many choices. someone recently brought a good point up that if you are not sure you are going to stick with this then do not go crazy on money for a gps. unless you could use it for other things. such as hiking. as the GC is pretty much only for geocaching. Monty
  19. i say skip the GC. we are on #4. the 3 were not DOA. used briefly and then they stopped working. either after firmware update or just on their own. price was good when they were first released, that is why we bought it, and now with them being cheaper it is definitely a draw. there is the 310 that is due soon. similar, but better i hear. i know you say no need for turn by turn. but that is not the only thing that the better gps's bring to the table. a real compass is another thing they bring. with the GC you have to be moving to get a direction on screen. some others are like that as well. i like my 62s as it will give you that as you stand still due to the compass it has in it. it also has ability to add better maps. the GC cannot do that. i hear the 310 will have that option. my first thoughts on this Monty
  20. http://wap.geocaching.com/ is the main page idk if it remembers passwords though. or if you link to something if it will remember that page after you log in like the regular page does. reason i mentioned the wap page is it takes so dang long for the regular page to load on my BB tour. using vzw towers on my alltel phone. as soon as the buyout is done it will be att using a captivate, but that is not an option right now. Monty
  21. how about it linking to the wap page? Monty
  22. verry interesting. on my BB tour i have BeeTagg and i-nigma. betagg works more often, but still terrible. have yet to get i-nigma to work. just updated it will give it a go as soon as it boots up. i have been using http://www.onlinebarcodereader.com/ on the PC to read the QR codes. right now i am in the process of a switch from alltel to ATT due to the buyout. will be getting a samsung captivate so i have been reading lately about apps for android. barcode reader and ixMAT barcode scanner get high marks on androidcentral forums. i like the idea of adding a QR to a cache to log from smartphone that way on the spot. just gotta have a cache big enough. in some areas that is not an option with all the micros. we are pretty good here though. or mayb it is we look for bigger caches? Monty
  23. i thought that was how it was done, but since you had not mentioned having a gps i thought i would put that out there so it was not a surprise. had i felt more comfy i would have gone this route instead of buying a 62s. as i have a secong gen touch that i use ALOT. i knew i would like it, but never thought i would like it as much as i do. if i am near wifi i will use it for web stuff vs my blackberry tour. Monty
  24. so you have the info on the touch.....how do you get to gz? since the touch does not have gps built in? Monty
  25. depends on where in eastern iowa you are at. i am in cedar rapids. there is a surplus store in marion that sells ammo cans and such. there is a surplus store in central city and the same store is in corallville. wish i could remember the names though. come on over to the IGO forum http://www.iowageocachers.org/ there are many resources online to get pdf forms to print for logs in caches. depends on the cache as to what would work for a log. walmart has cheap notebooks that work well in some regular caches. the end of jan there is a winter event in central city (actually at pinicon ridge park outside central city) http://coord.info/GC2JYYP Monty
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