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Travel Bug Graveyard

Eric K
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A visit to the graveyard and a return sure adds milage to a bug's record. My bug that recently came back from the dead logged 5855.38 miles E. to the graveyard and the same distance W. coming back, making its total mileage of over 14000 a bit misleading. But the trip doesn't show on its map. The U.S.T-Bug graveyard is listed as located in Kansas but the coordinates are given as a teensy bit north and west of where the Prime Meridian hits the equator, wherever that is.(The big atlas is upstairs and I am not about to trek up and consult it right now) It's sure not in in Kansas. The U.K. and German graveyards appear to have coordinates within their countries.



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Oh, yeah, add to that list the worlds largest ball of twine, the largest concrete prairie dog (in Russell, boyhood home of former Senator and Presidential candidate Bob Dole), the worlds largest hand dug well, and until a few years ago, the world's largest grain elevator (1/2 mile long).


I'm guessing the TB graveyard is listed here, perhaps, because the geographical center of the US is located in NW Kansas....just a guess.

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