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Offensive language in cache logbooks


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Fill in the blank:


Freedom of ______


If the kid can read, they've probably heard that word a thousand times now. FYI


With "Freedom of ______" comes responsibility. Just because you CAN do it doesn't make it right.


"If the kid can read, they've probably heard that word a thousand times now. FYI"


You're making quite an assumption there.

I disagree. There are very few situations where my freedom of speech bears responsibility. Maybe it's me but instead of sheltering my children, I inform and teach them.


Anyway to try to stay on topic, I wouldn't have crossed it out but I won't bash you for doing it. I can understand why you would do it.

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I posted this note on a cache in 2006:


Stopped by this afternoon and dropped off the yellow submarine travel bug. Boy, the brush is really making a push to take over the boardwalk! Took a quick look at the logbook and was quite disturbed to find a very unpleasant (read obscene) log from a finder earlier in the day. Scratched out the filth and left the cacher's name and date. Certainly wouldn't want to have any other cacher be subjected to having to read that drivel. There is no place in geocaching for it. The very experienced cacher who wrote it should be ashamed.


No follow up notes on the cache and no response from the CO or the cacher who left the note. I believe I did the right thing and would do it again. :rolleyes:

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I find this quote from the guy who replied to your log amusing...


"However I do find censorship quite 'offensive' (that's also just me), so can you please not censor logs in future? I'd really appreciate that."


Thanks dude, is there anything else that is "just you" that you'd like the rest of the world to do for you?


I know, right!? Some people have a huge sense of entitlement, even about little things. I think it must have been his log.


I would have scratched it out too.


I just don't feel like geocaching is a platform for free speech rights or the lack there of.


This is one bit that really did annoy me - its not his cache, so why is he sticking his nose in.

Still no reply from the actual cache owner.

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