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  1. Just my two cents but if this guy is scamming people we should be calling him out. If he has personal issues refunds should be given not excuses. A far as his photo and cell phone....seems a bit extreme
  2. To my knowledge you can't, neongeo can though.
  3. You could actually put a cache in the facility as well. Just another thought.
  4. Personally I think they should can the 4k character limit on all logs. I don't like splitting them up.
  5. Just a suggestion, but if your ultimate goal is to increase foot traffic at your location i would say do a cache series not a multi. A good portion of cachers go for the traditionals more readily. Better buy some ammo cans and find some interesting spots!
  6. No baloo, I am not like you. I do not force others into my own morals. Nor do I twist quotes around in order to try to "prove" to others that my morals are a "fact". In fact, I want people to know I am hosting it. So do both of my friend's. It's going to be named something along the name of, "The geocaching kid trio makes an event cache". It will list me, and my two friend's usernames. People will know that I am hosting it, and I don't care. I like the idea of having both an attended and a find. But I don't feel morally right. Hard call, if my friends were eager to take it I would, but they are just as hesitant. Just host it and log it. Doesn't seem like a big deal to me. It's your find count after all.
  7. <br /><br /><br />You would need to check each log, inside the cache listing. Or use gsak to find it (which i dont know how to do)
  8. On the way to go to the golf course Arvida. Is a tupperware container camo The contents of departure is: LED light Geocoin quebec TB Inspector gadget fossil macaroon black car saw shark Gliding Scholarships gift for the DAT PAT TAT Yup must be First to find!
  9. How is it better than the official app? I can tell you really like this app but I can't figure out why.
  10. Very nice. Possibly a trademark infringement, but nice. IANAL, but I believe the four-color symbol you've copied is a Groundspeak trademark. I would expect that a personal stained-glass piece would fall to fair use, but what do I know? Should be fair use unless you sell them. Very cool btw!
  11. Sounds like the making of yet another silly promotional gimmick. Maybe a hurricane cacher souvenir. ...or better yet, a challenge! I'm still waiting for my souvenir, meanwhile I drew a picture and hung it in my fridge.
  12. I logged a single cache during the hurricane, I'm a hurricacher!
  13. Its a gift for you! Congratulations!
  14. I have the "what is geocaching" video on my phone. Anytime someone asks me I show them the video. It sums up geocaching better than I ever could.
  15. Just food for thought, theres a local cacher near me with a couple hundred originally done micros near me. The caches are usually pretty cool, but they are never maintained. I would guess either the cacher doesn't care or they just have a number of caches that are unmanageable to them. So in short do you have the time, money and resources to maintain that many caches?
  16. I'm going neon geo gets better. The UI is awful and the live map needs lots of work. Why do I need to press this cube to update the map?
  17. Did you know you can stuff a whole kitchen sized trash bag in a film canister? You can. A friend of mine packs the film cans with the trash bag, puts a little CITO sticker on the lid and leaves them as swag. Whoever finds one now has something to use on the trail. Very enabling in my opinion. Dude that is genius! Consider that idea stolen!
  18. Yes that's exactly what they means. They are premium member only caches. As such, c:geo cannot parse that data if you are not a premium member.
  19. <br /><br />It doesn't affect me at all. Do you mind if I point out the difference in people who cache and those who just log?<br /> Just seems silly to fixate on something that is irrelevent. You can fixate on it if you want to though.
  20. <br /><br /><br />Ask yourself this question.... How does their behavior effect your life? I don't see how someone with a thousand caches is better than someone with 20. If you cheat you are only cheating yourself.
  21. I am ecstatic I could have a hand in your "eureka!" moment. There is something exciting about bringing people to a cool location.
  22. I'm not writing F.A.R.T. anywhere, but I'm actually going to grab a cache DURING the hurricane.
  23. Just one situation might be the cache owner is no longer active and doesn't respond to the email you send them with the answer.
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