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Unlocking Maps in Oregon 450?

Nemo Crownie
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I bought one of Garmin's microSD cards containing City Navigator North America 2011.10. When I put the card into my Oregon 450 (not 450T), I get a message saying "Can't Unlock Maps." No maps display, other than the basemap. I tried the microSD card in my 60CSx, and it works just fine. Anyone have any idea what's up with that? I thought the big advantage to the microSD cards was the ability to swap them from one unit to another, and not being "locked" to a specific unit. I have never seen this message on my Oregon before, and have no idea how you would "unlock" a microSD card. Any advice would be sincerely appreciated.

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when you purchased the card was it for the 60csx? garmin i believe send the cards unlocked for one unit only


edit ( i could be widely wrong there someone more knowledgeable should jump in shortly)


Sorry, you are mistaken. The maps provided on SD or micro SD cards aren't locked to a particular unit, or even a particular model line...they are unlocked to work with any compatible unit.

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If it works in one unit but not the other,I would say it's a glitch in the Oregon 450 not the pre-programmed SD card. If you haven't done so already,try updating the unit with the latest firmware.


OK...So I launched WebUpdater, and ran the Oregon through the update process. It was an update to version 3.80. The update apparently went as it should. Upon disconnecting the unit, it went through the software verification process. Then, it looked as though it was restarting, and went to a page that just says "Garmin." It has now been frozen on that page for over 30 minutes! Plus, pressing the power switch does nothing...can't even turn the thing off. Did the update just brick my Oregon?

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