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  1. Is there anything left for Garmin to update in their handheld line of products? The Montana is interesting but I'm still waiting for something of a "game changer". Perhaps it will be the future model in state series;there are a lot of states left!
  2. You could try two things. My first guess is that it's an issue with the Geocache Navigator perhaps not getting the required data connection from your wireless provider to help provide position and location. If you haven't messed with the GPS settings on your Blackberry,then try seeing if there is an option on your phone that allows you to adjust the settings(in this case,the data connection) on specific apps you have installed. Also,if you can open the Geocache Navigator app,try the 'Reset' option.
  3. Seems a lot of work for Garmin to bother updating such minor software issues on a product that's been discontinued. They could have left it for a later date when they were ready to add what owners had asked for years ago.
  4. There is an app called Geocache Navigator by Trimble that you can download for $30.00. It gives you online caching with the ability to load caches on the fly and mark them as found on Geocaching.com. The cost is a onetime lifetime fee for Nokia phones to the best of my knowledge.
  5. I've downloaded and used the mapear map mentioned above. It's as good as any Garmin City Navigator map and free. I had to create a user name and password to download the map,a bit tricky as I don't speak or read Spanish. Using Google translator may help if required.
  6. Like other posters have mentioned,good batteries are key. Many users have found eneloop low self discharge batteries perform very well,even when rated at 2000mah as they hold a steady voltage when out for the day. It's usually the voltage drop that causes a GPS to shut down,that's not to say capacity doesn't also play a significant factor. A good charger helps,trust me,I've tried lots of cheap one's and they don't always charge batteries to their full capacity and can sometimes ruin them as in the case of my Powerex 2700's.
  7. Try removing the SD card before starting the unit and make sure your batteries are fully charged. Connect your GPS to a computer and empty your GPX folder. Your software update may have been corrupted and may require another attempt to re-install the software. There is Wiki site for the Colorado that has older versions of the software and it may help by following the instructions.
  8. I'm past expecting any significant software enhancements to the Colorado. The addition of the chirp detection was a nice touch.
  9. Having had the Colorado 300 for the almost three years,I can honestly say I've never had many of the issues that have found there way onto this forum since the product was released. I'm not a hard-core user and perhaps don't notice the concerns expressed by others with my unit.
  10. In regards to the Colorado's hardware limitations in respect to the chirp,the only statement from Garmin that I've read was they did indicate the range may be less than other compatible units.
  11. Since the latest software update for the Garmin is in it's first beta release,you'll have to wait and see if it will eventually include the ability to program the chirp once the final release is available,ie,3.6. In respect to the range issue you have,I don't know what to say,other than what you suspect may be correct as it's difficult to imagine it being a hardware issue within the Colorado.
  12. Thanks for replying. Works like a charm!
  13. Thanks for testing that out so quickly! A difference of 4m is quite a bit,having said that it's an appreciated feature. The corrupted data error should hopefully get corrected in a future software release.
  14. It should be obvious as to how this needs be installed on a Garmin Colorado,but it seems I must not be as smart as I think. Okay,I've installed it from the .exe file onto my computer. What file or files should I be placing into the Garmin folder on the GPS? I see a number of .img files in the CityNav Oregon Night Mode folder...?
  15. I've downloaded the beta for installation at a later date. Out of interest I used the webupdater and discovered that there are two chipset updates available,one is Chipset type M and the other Chipset type M Hotfix data. Anyone know why there would be two and if they somehow tie in with this new beta?
  16. I've downloaded the file but have yet to install it. I'm perplexed about this great feature as it did not come from Garmin. I don't imagine it was that difficult to do,so that leaves me wondering why Garmin chose not to offer it earlier? It's not like Garmin doesn't have the resources or ability,surely the effort would not have cost that much.
  17. Just when all faith had been lost! If anyone updates and also have one of the other chirp compatible units,I would be interested to know how the detection ranges compared?
  18. I sometimes wonder what goes through the heads of those at Garmin. You release the Colorado to great fanfare three years ago this month, only to discontinue the product line two and a half years later,then tell your customers that even though the product is hardware compatible;we are not bothering to do a software update as we are busy focusing on selling our latest product lines. It appears the motive for their position is profit and market manipulation(don't know if that's any different than any other large corporation). The Colorado got off to a rough start and I've consistently believed that Garmin could have had a made it the success they envisioned. Now it seems they will not have the legacy of being able to say,"I told you so". Too bad,as they could have had a moment of redemption instead of a unwanted child that they would rather forget.
  19. I too would be willing to send Garmin a email if it helps. If we can get a specific address to direct it to,so much the better.
  20. Been using a Colorado for almost three years and it has performed very well from a accuracy point of view. As mentioned already,make sure you're running the latest firmware. Early on when the Colorado was released 3 years ago,they were very troublesome,many members on this forum can attest to that. I never lost faith and to this day it's been a great GPS on my journey's to every corner of the earth.
  21. Well,judging by the firmware updates we've seen for the Colorado,don't hold your breath! Garmin's focus will now be on the x50 series,62/78 and Dakota's. On a positive note,it certainly motivates consumers to discard ancient models like the Colorado's and X00 Oregon's so as to have the best firmware,never mind Garmin's ability to generate sales and revenue.
  22. Went into Wally-World in Victoria today and they have the 62s priced at $439.00. They are generally quite good with returns.
  23. Does one still have any mapping when there is no cell service?
  24. She can have many maps on the card but essentially only one file can be seen by the 60 at any given time. So if she loads all her maps at once she'll end up with one file, and be able to select maps from the gps. There are ways to load multiple separate maps to the 60 but they involve renaming whichever map you want to use to gmapsupp.img if they are all on the same card. She can also have multiple cars with different maps loaded, and switch those as necessary. But the new Garmins, Oregon, Dakota, Colorado and 62/78 are able to have many maps on them at once, as they read any_name.img as a map. If I understand your explanation correctly and she has both City Navigator and Topo saved on her computer as two separate gmapsupp.img files,she could copy both files to her SD card,but only one map can be displayed on the GPS unit at a given time? Do the maps on the SD card need to be in a folder named Garmin?
  25. First,I've done a forum search looking for the answer to my question. If someone can find a link to an existing thread that contains the answer,please do so as it would be appreciated. Here's the question. A friend owns a 60cx and asked me if you can have multiple maps loaded on a SD card that would display in her unit? For example,could she have city navigator and topo maps at the same time? Does the unit only read certain types of .img files and do they need to be simply put inside a folder called garmin on the SD card? There are a lot of very knowledgeable members on this site and I appreciate your opinions and suggestions.
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