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  1. Additionally you will want to purchase good routable maps to make it auto-route. There are free routable maps available but not as good as City Navigator. By the time you purchase the additional automotive mount and the maps you can buy a cheap nuvi for the same price.
  2. Too much. The 60cs is a very old obsolete GPSr. It does not have a high sensitivity chipset or expandable memory slot. You will lose reception under tree cover and around tall buildings. You can only load a small map area especially if you want topo maps. On the other hand, if you add an “X” to that model number, 60CSx, now you have a GPSr worth buying that will probably run about $200 USD.
  3. Occasionally the GPSMap 60C(S)x software mysteriously changes to version 0.00. This could be one explanation.
  4. Along with the Garmin track record starting way back with the 60C(S)x where it will take 6 months to a year to get the software tolerable.
  5. So, exactly how many geocaches (in GPX files, not GGZ files) will the 600 series hold? It's obviously not unlimited, since to get this "feature" you have to play by Garmin's rules, not the rules of the rest of the world. That could well be a make-or-break spec for mainstream geocachers. --Larry Wild guess here - no less than Montana or Oregon 400 That's a big range (12,000 caches Montana and 2,000 caches Oregon 400).
  6. Did you put the GPX files in a “GPX” folder in a “Garmin” folder?
  7. Just out of desperation try removing all gpx files and do a master reset.
  8. Have you exceeded the GPX or Geocache capacity of the GPS? How many GPX files are in the GPX folder/folders? How many Geocaches are loaded?
  9. I can’t recall ever seeing 2 compasses on the geocaching dashboard screen? As I read the OP SilentGreenMan is talking about the compass screen?
  10. You do know you can put up to a total of 5000 caches in the internal or the external memory don't you?
  11. I’m guessing the small compass is actually a data field. You can change the data fields to many different fields.
  12. It amazes me that anyone would judge a GPSr’s accuracy by how close it puts them to a cache or the reported accuracy of the GPSr. Find an adjusted benchmark and then you can check your accuracy. The accuracy of any measuring device can only be quantified with a certified, traceable standard.
  13. Have you looked to see if there are any active caches in the area of Dominican you plan to visit? Over 50% of the few caches in Santo Domingo were missing in action when I was there. It is a very poor country and people look everywhere for food so the caches are hard to stay hidden. It might not even be worth worrying about geocaching. Also, you can run a pocket query and save the caches and map tiles within the iphone geocaching app. before you leave. Just turn off your cell service when you are there.
  14. Actually your phone should work there but data is expensive. I have a Sprint USB air card and racked up a few $100’s in data charges with it last year in Santo Domingo. Lucky for me it was a company card. What you can do is buy a SIM card in Dominican and buy phone cards similar to Tracfone in the US. You will have to trim it with scissors to fit your iPhone. Example, I’m in Bangladesh now. Verizon charges $2.89/minute for voice and a whopping $20.48/MB for data. I was loaned (can’t buy because of government control) a local SIM and paying $.13/minute for calls back to the US. Pretty sweet deal!
  15. 5000 caches loaded as geocaches 2000 caches loaded as waypoints Unlimited geocaches loaded as POI (only limit is available memory)
  16. Make sure you do not check the day of the week before submitting the PQ because you can only run 5 a day. This allows you to run as many PQ’s as you need to experiment and click the preview link to check your results. The only way to know what’s causing the issue is to know what options you have selected. Posting screen shots of your PQ or a list of selections would help.
  17. iTunes runs fine on all my netbooks. I recommend one with a dual core N2600 processor, 320 GB hard drive and max out the RAM memory for best performance (just bought 4 GB Crucial for like $22). I’ve upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate for more networking and sharing options. I have external hard drives and ½ dozen other PC’s wirelessly networked that I can use their DVD drives and files on the netbooks. I’ve wanted to try a SSD but 256 GB is too small and 512 GB is still very pricey. The only application I’ve found that I can’t run is RoxioPhoto Suite because of its minimum 1024 X 768 pixels display setting.
  18. The Oregon Wiki is the manual that Garmin should have created and has all the answers to your questions. Waypoints can be deleted or edited from the Waypoint Manager. Your PQ's (pocket queries) come in a compressed zip file that must be unzipped for the GPS to read.
  19. I equate GPS’s to vehicles. I have a Subaru Outback I just love to death but about once a week we have to break out the Toyota Sienna minivan because the Subie doesn’t have enough seats. Then every couple months I need to fire up the pickup because I need to haul something. Same thing goes for motorcycles. Some work good on the road and some off road. I even have a couple dual sports but one is too heavy for off road and the other is under powered for on road. The Garmin Montana is for the market of people who refuse to compromise!
  20. Perhaps the microSD card is defective or contains corrupted data. Remove the microSD and see if the GPS operates correctly. Another possibility is the microSD is not installed correctly. Some people don’t see the “Lock” and the arrow so they do not get the memory card locked in place causing intermittent connection to the card and loss of data.
  21. I do the same thing but I do it to avoid the ~4000 map segment limit.
  22. I have Streets & Trips 2013. If you want, send me a file and I'll see if it will open it. PM me and I'll reply with email address.
  23. You are expecting too much from your GPS and maps. The best street detail maps you can get are the City Navigator maps and you still will not be on the road 100% of the time. That’s why Garmin made a “lock on roads” option to snap your location to the nearest road. If 20’ accuracy isn’t good enough then you’ll have to wait a couple years for the GPS 2F system to come online and commercial GPSr’s to receive the L5 signal from it.
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