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Personal Ad - C4C


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Adventuresome Caching Couple seeks out-of-the-ordinary cache for long-term relationship


Turn ons

Creative containers

Creative hide locations

Things that make you go hmmm

Something different


Turn Offs

Lamp Post Hides

Cedar bush hides and the ilk.

Camoed film canisters in a tree

Very high muggle traffic

Leaky containers

Fuzzy coordinates

Unmaintained caches

Grumpy CO's



It's time to take it to the next level. After many meaningless encounters, and the occasional meaningful encounter, with other's caches we've decided we wish to start a long-term relationship with a cache of our own. To qualify you must be unique or at least rarely seen. Size is not important but you must be appealing in your own unique way. Lamp Post Hides need not apply. Please respond with a description of yourself and why you stand out above the common cache. This will not be a monogamous relationship, others will follow in their own time.


A successful applicant will enjoy a wonderous experience with many happy cachers.


So, any suggestions for a quality first hide? Something you've seen that really stuck out as unique or particularly fun in a traditional hide?

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LOL. Funny post. I was about ready to remove it for spam, but then I read closer. :D


Container is important, but I think location trumps container. If you can have both, then you have a winner.


Nothing like going to a great spot and going, "Wow! I'm glad we did this cache."


Location does not always have to be a scenic view, but sometimes "cool" things can make cachers go wow too like an unusual structure, an old building or something like that.

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Responding to Personal Ad – C4C:


I am a royal pain to create, but I am but oh so worth it.


Cute piece of wood, trim and svelte (think 8” diameter, 12” long). Hollowed out to accommodate a cylinder-shaped water-tight container. Top of log chopped off and reattached with a hinge to expose my innards to those so inclined to look. Stuck out in the woods amongst the trees.


My positive points speak for themselves. My downside is the trouble I am to make. Beauty doesn’t come easy, you know.



Stumped in Oregon

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If you don't like high muggle areas, then you are missing out completely on some tremendous caches. More's the pity. You have my sympathy.

To add to that, some cache locations are worth visiting even though you may not be able to sign the log.


I'm guilty for sometimes being too focused on the hunt and not on the location. High muggle traffic actually gives me a chance to sit down, wait it out, and enjoy the scenery.

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Responding to Personal Ad – C4C:


Hello C4C, my name is The Etch-O-Sketch Night Cache.

Should you choose me, you'll find our relationship quite challenging.

First, you must leave the comfort of your car, hoofing into a wetlands habitat populated by snakes, wild hogs, feral cattle and, (when the water's up), alligators.

A quarter mile hike will get you to the starting point, where you'll follow reflectors through some particularly nasty terrain.

After bushwhacking for 7/10 of a mile, with your tracklog activated, you'll find a preform with coords to the next stage.

Bushwhack another quarter mile to the second stage, where you'll follow another 7/10 mile long reflector trail through the swamp.

At the end, you'll find another preform with instructions, telling to look at your tracklog to discern the number you just drew, Nazca Line style.

You'll also get instructions regarding some simple math that needs to be done with that number to locate the final.


My owner's track log:


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