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  1. Just like Strava and Map My Ride bicycle apps, if you don't stop the unit from recording at the end of the ride, you will get phony results. I forgot to turn off Strava at the end of a bike ride last week, got in my car and drove home. Guess what, my average bike ride speed was about 62 MPH! I wish! And the distance was way way off, because I didn't stop the recording at the end of the ride. I see that as operator error, not a bug.
  2. Personally, I like the "recreational" mode better, it seems to work better for finding geo's. Just my opinion, yours may vary. Best way to tell is to try them both.
  3. Use the "recreational" profile, the problem goes away.
  4. Same here, I've had two 62s's and never a problem with the unit. I've never been in Nevada.
  5. Amen! Maybe they (Garmin) will replace them with something more durable. I sent it in so we will see.
  6. The Maha is the best charger out there. Eneloops are really good batteries.
  7. The 62s I have looks like the letters on the buttons just dissolved. It looks terrible and some of them you can't read at all. I contacted Garmin Support, they replied almost instantly, told me the unit is in warranty and they gave me an RMA number to send it in. Very good support in my opinion, thanks Garmin. Anyone else have the letter/button problem or is it just mine? The letters have just totally worn off several of the buttons!
  8. I haven't used IE for six years, and I never will. The worst browser on the planet.
  9. I was having the same problem but after I upgraded to version 6.something, the problem went away.
  10. No, the GPS industry is not crap. I have owned and used an Oregon 450 for four years and had a couple of software versions that had the sticky problem. Since they fixed that I've never had any more problems. I've found over 2700 with the 450 so I guess it works pretty good.
  11. Never mind, I figured it out. I had to use EasyGPS and Garmin communicator to get the computer to talk to the Legend.
  12. I have a like new Etrex Legend for sale with all the manuals, CD, etc. Sorry, no box. I will include the brand new USB/Serial cable I just bought from monoprice. $20, shipped to your place in lower 48. Reply to kchartlein at gmail dot com
  13. I just had a Garmin Etrex Legend given to me. I bought a serial/USB cable from monoprice and I still can't get the computer to even see the Garmin. I'm using Firefox Mozilla and Windows 7, any suggestions? I have hooked it up turned off, on, and hooked it up then turned it on, off and back on, no recognition at all. I have the interface set to Garmin Serial. Help!!
  14. Sorry, I just found my own answer. I wish we could just delete posts. Maybe we can???
  15. Blackrose I need some help please. I downloaded a map from garmin.osm....... and then loaded it onto the microSD card in my garmin 450T. The GPS does not see any maps on the card. Any suggestions. Anyone?? I extracted the map right from the garmin.osm site to the microsd card, and it cannot see the map. I'm going from memory but I think it downloaded the map as a gpsmapsupp or something like that.
  16. I used a Garmin 450 in Ireland, Scotland, and England two years ago. Very easy to find caches without a map and we used a Garmin 255 nuvi for car navigation. While in Ireland be sure to find the Earthcache "Giants Footsteps". Very cool. I may have the name a little wrong, but you will find it, not very many Earthcaches in Ireland. What a beautiful country. Beautiful people.
  17. Mine does not refresh as you drive. I have to go back and click on "Geocaches", then "find nearest" to get it to refresh. Well, at least that is the way my 450 works. If you are navigating to a cache, you have to go to "where to" and then stop navigating to that one first.
  18. I like an Android app called "GPS Status". It really works well with the other apps like geocaching.com, cgeo, neongeo, etc.
  19. You won't find many geocaches if you stay off unpaved roads where I live. 99% of ours here are on "unpaved" roads, unless you go downtown San Antonio which I certainly shall NOT do. I would rather cache on unpaved roads than a busy Hiway or subdivision anytime, anywhere. Just my humble opinion of course. Some people don't have much choice.
  20. you've got mail.... Sorry, I already ordered one. Thanks for the reply.
  21. I would be interested in the g2 US039R chip if you want to sell it separately??? How much?
  22. Yes Sir, you are right. I downloaded EasyGPS just to see if I could load caches to my 76cx, and it worked fine. I now have something to use until the Police find my 450T or I buy another GPS. This old 76cx is in my opinion still one of the best they ever made, if it would do "paperless" I would still be using it.
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