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Event Boat Attribute Required

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I'd say the "Terrain 5" part covers that, no?

But why is it terrain 5? Boat, scuba, climbing gear, flashlight?


I also find it funny that "Watch for livestock" made the list but "Drinking water nearby" didn't.


I can think of a few situation where attributes under the Permissions and Conditions heading that are not there would apply to an event.


Why restrict the list? Just let the CO determine what makes sense or not.

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I think I carped about this a while back. It is odd that the attributes set for events is less - especially the hazards section - then for other caches.

I believe I noticed it when I hosted boat based CITO.


Too late now, unless your reviewer will work with you - i think that a reviewer could edit the cache to traditional add the boat attribute, then edit back. I could be wrong.

The date would have to be changed to current, as the form won't accept a future date on a physical cache.


I just did this myself on an unpublished event. Changed it to today's date, and to traditional, added boat and thorns and snakes, changed it back to the end August date, and to Event. The attributes stayed. I do think this will *probably* work with a published event as well.

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