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  1. With some valuable input from GeoAwareEU1, GC69K76: St. Lucia's Dirty Little Secret has been published! Many thanks. This thread can be closed.
  2. I realize that it's only been five weeks since I submitted my Earthcache listing but I was wondering if a reviewer could let me know if it is in the review pipeline.
  3. Sounds like a puzzle cache to me. I'm not smart enough to figure it out, though. But I didn't know TO's mayor was into geocaching. (Are the incorrect "to" usages part of the clue, or am I just grammar police?) I've moved on and you should too!
  4. You gonna save me some of that or should I get some of my own?
  5. Got together with a few geocaching friends yesterday for a wonderful pot-luck dinner (thanks Skyecat!) and came up with an idea for a new cache. Can you help with the cache description? Coordinates= 43° 40.684'N, 79° 30.618'W (give or take a step or two) Cache name = Smokescreen Size= Other Type = Unknown Draft Description: Someone was at the posted co-ordinates and was snooping around? Hey, if I saw someone snooping around while holding what they claimed to be a GPS in their hand then what would you call them? I don't want to say the word, but hey, figure it out for yourself. What do you mean there's nothing at the posted co-ordinates? Was I supposed to leave something there? Hey, I'm sorry. There, I've apologized. I've moved on and you should to. What, there is supposed to be something to see here? That's news to me. I'm sorry. What do you mean the posted co-ordinates put you in someone's back yard? You mean they're off? Well I used a map and a dart to figure them out. That's not how it's supposed to be done? Hey, I'm sorry. There, I've apologized. I've moved on and you should to. If you're having problems finding it, give me a call. Hmmm... where's that dadgum phone? Hint = (1) Ain't what it's cracked up to be. (2) Up in smoke. (3) Need more help, contact that newspaper I won't speak to - they seem to have all the answers.
  6. entogeek

    Looking for you

    That depends Al if I was driving east or west. Which direction were you going?
  7. Cache Page: GC1H9X3: Hotsarihie (Helen Reef) Last Visited: Not yet visited. Published on 10/17/2008 Reason for Not Being Visited: This Earthcache is as close as you can get to being in the middle of nowhere, despite its awesome location.
  8. Yes it is and I have the paperwork to prove it!
  9. Try the "Non-Specific Veteran Memorials" category. Contact one of the group's officers and see if they will accept one of these waymarks. FWIW, I know exactly what you are referring to as I live near the 401 and have passed these signs many times. If that doesn't work, then perhaps a new Memorial Highway category (the Don Valley Parkway is called the "Route of Heroes") might be appropriate rather than starting one that is restricted by geography. My one big concern is stopping one's vehicle and being able to safely get an image and co-ordinates of these signs with high speed traffic zipping by. Let me know if you meet with any success.
  10. Hmmm... challenges aren't supposed to change a cacher's geocaching behaviour? That doesn't bode well for my The 1.9 D & T Average Challenge cache. Yet those who have completed this challenge have had nothing but positive comments about how it has affected their caching behaviour.
  11. There is nothing that any cacher can do or say that will minimize my meeting the requirements of this challenge cache - particularly when one considers that it was done in the company of some amazing friends leading to some very memorable experiences. While the update does prohibit date restrictions, it is my reading that existing challenges are grandparented, and that cachers must still demonstrate to the CO's satisfaction that they have met the challenge. As the owner of a number of challenge caches, if the proof was not provided I would consider it to be a bogus log and delete it as per the challenge cache guidelines. If my requirements are that you must provide a detailed list of caches to meet my challenge and this requirement has been approved by the reviewer, then simply telling me that the caches can be found in your profile does not meet that particular requirement. I do try to make my logging requirements as easy as possible and thanks to one cacher in particular, ky.m.guy, some of my caches have macros created specifically by him - now how cool is that! He is the kind of cacher that I strive to be - always willing to help out a fellow cacher - yet here I am posting a note like this - sigh. But that is just me.
  12. Here in downtown Toronto (aka the Big Stink) we have a number of plaques that commemorate visits by various members of the Royal Family - some of which are close to a hundred years old (the plaques not the individual) that dedicate the opening of a building, a walkway, etc. Seem that they might fit into the Historical Signs category but I was wondering if there is a more specific category such plaques might fit into - of course I might simply have overlooked an existing one.
  13. C'mon np! Never hear of ice-diving? Did it once - a fantastic experience. That gives me an idea... once the Rouge freezes over. Heeheeheehee
  14. I'm sure if you polled 100 different cachers then you would get a variety of opinions as to what constitutes a good cache. When it comes to my hiding a cache, I take the approach, "Would I like to find this cache in this particular spot?" If the answer is yes, then we have a new cache, if the answer is no, then I look for someplace else. Of course I do have a few lame ones out there, most notably, NRV which already has over 100 finds on it.
  15. Nor should you be hesitant to post a DNF (Did Not Find) - even if the last 10 cachers said it was an easy find. Sometimes caches go missing, sometimes our geosenses fail us. When you get to GZ (ground zero), put your GPS in your pocket and say to yourself, "Hmmm... now where would I hide this cache?". Look for a pile of rocks, or sticks, under lamp post skirts, etc. But above all else, remember that this is a game and have FUN!
  16. From my experience with my own caches, once the O-ring on these matchstick containers and the Lee Valley bison tubes fail, you no longer have a waterproof container. I began replacing the LV bison tubes with match stick containers and much to my chagrin have found that I need to replace them as well. Just my 2 cents worth.
  17. 259 km or 161 mi. between GC2KHJR and GC2DDVQ That and a buck and a half will get me a coffee Actually that and a toonie will get me a Diet Coke since I don't drink coffee
  18. My furthest and closest both happen to be Earthcaches; My closest cache is Shifting Sands of Katabokokonk at N 43° 47.678 W 079° 07.062 My furthest is Hotsarihie (Helen Reef) at N 02° 58.335 E 131° 48.751 (and before you ask, yes I was actually there).
  19. What i fyou hadn't, would the reviewer refuse to release the challenge? From the Knowledge Books, "Reviewers may ask the cache owner to demonstrate that they have previously met the challenge and/or that a substantial number of other geocachers would be able to do so." Haven't had one refused because I've been able to demonstrate that I've met the challenge (except for the ones that I have created that take a year to complete, e.g. Ontario's Public Holidays Challenge Cache), and that others have expressed an interest in my challenge.
  20. IMHO, it's kind of silly to claim a find on something you hid yourself - you really should know where it is. I do know of some CO's who claim finds on their own Challenge Caches - not because of the find, but because they met the conditions of the challenge itself some of which are extremely difficulty to meet. Whenever I create a Challenge Cache, our local reviewer asks if I've met the conditions myself - which I have - so I don't find it necessary to log a find on it - but that's just me and YMMV.
  21. As another cacher posted, check what your local, state/provincial and/or federal privacy laws state. You might need a signed release form from cachers giving their consent to have their images posted on a private website.
  22. A few weeks ago I held a 5/5 back country canoeing/camping event. My hope was that those who logged an Attended would attend all three days - everyone did. But if someone was injured or felt they couldn't have made the entire trip - then the decision was in their hands as to whether or not they logged an Attended. I'm not here to police the actions of other cachers. Would I have been disappointed if someone showed up at the posted co-ordinates (the parking lot) and said, "Well I was here, have fun, I'm going home now to log my Attended"? Of course I would. Would such actions be frowned upon by those who participated - I suspect yes. Would I lose any sleep over it? Not one bit. Plan your event to the best of your abilities and make it as memorable as possible for those who want to participate in it. The logs you receive from those individuals will more than make up for those logs from folks who stay at the top and don't experience the thrill of repelling down the cliff face.
  23. Thanks for the quick replies. Look's like I'll pop over to the feedback page and submit that as a feature request.
  24. Sorry if this question has already been asked but I can't seem to find it in the forums nor the answer to it in the Knowledge Books. Is it possible to allow other cachers to add to a bookmark list that you create and share? A small group of us are planning an extended road trip and each of us has some specific caches we want to find. Right now the other three are sending me the GC codes of the caches they want to find and I add them to my existing list. Having the ability for them to add to the list would be nice. Thanks in advance.
  25. I was able to spend it with a good friend who was in need of a friend.
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