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WC Event "LET'S CELEBRATE .........!"

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For those who may have missed this one being published...


LET'S CELEBRATE .........! (GC29PK9)

by Tricky Vicky & Mickey


Cownchicken recently found their 2000th geocache and we wish to celebrate this special occasion in the grand style it deserves and do hope lots of their geocachering friends will join us for breakfast on Saturday 26th June, 2010 from 09h00 to 11h30.


The above co-ordinates will take you to the turn-off on the N2 to Gabrielskloof. This fairly new wine estate is situated up on a hill just 5 kilometres past Bot River with wonderful views of the glorious Overberg. Follow the gravel road to the estate and we will be waiting for you - it is only an hour's drive from Cape Town!

We have selected a small menu for the occasion, which will cater for children, vegetarians and everyone else too. Prices range from R18 to R45. For catering purposes, final numbers are needed by the 18th June, so please log your attendance as soon as you can.

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We would just like to thank TVM for organising this Event.

To everybody who attended - thanks for all those cache hides - without you we would never have reached this milestone.

Thanks to all the cachers who contributed towards the coin. We will personally contact you all in the coming days. We just need this undersea cable repaired - then we will be able to contact you without crashing at any minute!

Thanks to Gabrielskloof for the venue and good food.

A great time was had by all despite the inclement weather.

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