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May have been to say the Current version is 2.3


That's the one seems like it managed to loose my message but the I think the idea got through...


GC VOte now available for IE Google Chrome as well as Firefox...


For those that have not heard of its a rating system 1-5 star. You have to remember it is simple but I find use full...


If you like rural caches and go do an urban you might still find you like a 1 star rural more than a 4 star urban ;) .


Yet you will probably find you enjoy a 4 star urban better than a 1 star urban :angry: ...


Its more of a guide than a rule....


I am sure some one will come along and tell us why they do not like it before long... :D

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I like it - BUT......


........... I use Chrome by choice, and I can't get GCVote to work in Chrome, so have to switch to FF to log caches :angry:


For what it's worth, I don't think I've ever used it to plan which caches to look for. It tends to be a little too subjective. ;)

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