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Corrupt files...please help

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I just got into geocaching for quaility family time with alittle adventure mixed in. I sold my old snowmobile to get money to buy a GPS unit.I found a Magellan Triton 500 on sale at Dicks Sporting Goods. I bought the extra coverage from Dicks for a "ya never know" reason.


My family and I have used it about 10 times and had a blast with it. My 3 yr old loves looking for treasures! Plus it is helping me teach my 11yr old that she needs to look deeper for things instead of just saying it's not here. We got a couple camel packs and stocked them with some goodies to trade or assist with the finds and some CITO bags to clean up along the way.


Now here is what i need help with......after loading a couple new cache's onto my gps with the load to gps feature on this web site......the next day when we were going on a find....upon powering up the unit.....i got a internal error message and the unit would shutdown.


I called Magellan and they did what troubleshooting we could over the phone. No luck with that! They said it was a corrupt file from the site. So i had to ship (at my expense 20 bucks) the unit to Magellan. They said they would replace my 2 month old unit with a refurbed unit (someone else's junk). I get the unit about 2 weeks later and load about 10 geo's into it direct from this site. I wanted to use it on a mtn bike ride today,and also for some geocaching tomorrow with family that flew in from Arizona for the holiday. And when i powered up the unit......you guessed it.....same thing...internal error!!!!!!!!!


Is there such a thing as a corrupt file in the GPS world? I have upto date virus protection on my pc...should that have caught the bad file?


I don't know what to do....is there a way i can erase the unit and reload the original programs myself or do i have to send it back and get someone else's junk again?


I don't know which of the 10 goe's that i loaded did this if it is possible and i email Geocaching.com about it 2 weeks ago and of coarse i got no response!




Thank You,


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Here is an update..... i opened vantage point and deleted all my past info i had on there.....then i tried to connect my unit and it connected like it always did (even last time i had the internal error) it still connected to VP. I then sync'd my gps to pc and viewed what i had put on the night before. And sure enough there are some files on there that had GCxxx only 3 letters or numbers after the GC. None of them showed a file extenstion though. Examples.... GCWHK, GCWJH, and GCWHW to name a couple.


So i found a restore icon (life raft ring) and i proceeded to erase all info.....since it was empty the night before and only had what i put on it. Then i disconnected the unit and powered it up. It seems to be working at the moment. I will try to load the cache's the old way with VP and see what happens then.


I will post the out come when i test it out later.


Thanks Again,


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For what ever reason, the send to GPS function does not work right. I have the same problem on my T400. When ever I load a cache via send to gps function on the site, If I either try to pick it from the search list, or the cache shows up on the map, it causes an error.


Here is the solution.


In VP erase all caches. It should start the unit. it should start without an error. If it does, reload the latest software update for the GPSr. Then it will start.


Avoid the send to gps function on the site. Something is not transferring correctly and causing an error.


Stick with pocket queries if your a PM.

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There is a fix for the communicator. Go here.


download page


The short how2 is:

- Download

- rename the TritonComm.dll in the Communicator-Folder to TritonCommMgn.dll

- copy the downloaded TritonComm.dll to that Folder

- enjoy the now functionating Communicator - feature for the Triton.


Thanks to Pico2220 for this great peace of software.

Btw. Now you have different icons on your Triton for Parking site, QTA, SOAM...

The development seems to continue.


This was copied from tritonforums.com

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