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Um... yes there is a 400, although you will most often see it referenced based on the types of maps that come preloaded on it. The Oregon 400t has topo maps, 400i has intercoastal maps and 400c? has ocean charts I believe.


Otherwise the differences described above are correct.

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Um... yes there is a 400...


No, there is an Oregon 400t, Oregon 400i and Oregon 400c. No 400.... The point is we need to know which EXACT units the OP wants to compare.

Only differences between the 400t/i/c and the 300 were:

Preloaded maps

Extra internal memory


For 95% of people, the free topos at gpsfiledepot.com are better than the preloaded maps on the "t" units.

The i/c units might be good if you need the kind of maps preloaded into them.

The changes in firmware to allow loading of multiple IMG files eliminated the benefits of large internal memory (compared to a large MicroSD card)


Differences between the 300 and 450 were covered above. The 450 is the way to go these days.

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For 95% of people, the free topos at gpsfiledepot.com are better than the preloaded maps on the "t" units.


Please to splain? Why would the preloaded maps be better for 5% of the people, but not for the other 95%?


It all comes down to money. You pay about $100 more for a T-model. The 400t, 450t, and 550t have about 3.27g of internal memory to hold the topo maps. The 300, 450, & 550 models have 850-900mb of internal memory. Other than that, they are the same. The 300 is comparable to the 400t, the 450 is comparable to the 450t, and the 550 is comparable to the 550t.


As for the maps, the free ones on GPSfiledepot.com are usually better than what comes with the t-models in terms of higher resolution. Many of the maps on GPSfiledepot.com are 24K vs. 100k for the Topo 2008 & Topo US 100k maps which are loaded on the t-models. But, Topo 2008/Topo US 100k maps do have terrain shading which the GPSFiledepot.com maps do not.


To add more confusion to this topic, I would like to see the T-models pre-loaded with Garmin's 24k maps which are pretty cool all the way around. They are more accurate, have shading, and auto-routing. The downside is that they cost too much and are regional. As an example, if you live in California, you would have to buy the Western states version. So, if you wanted to get Garmin's 24k maps for the whole United States, you would have to spend a LOT OF Money.

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