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  1. If you leave the highest numbered picture in there (copy them all, delete all but that one), it will continue the count from there. Okay, this looks like the best solution for my problem. I haven't had this issue with a camera in over 10 years. I think it is sloppy programming by Garmin. Thanks!
  2. I hope I can get the answer here. I just realized that my Oregon 650 re-starts numbering pictures from DSC0001 anytime I move the pictures from the unit and put them on my computer. That can be an issue, and it has been with me, because if I load a new batch of pictures to the same directory on my computer, I will end up overwriting them. Is there a way to switch the numbering to date and time, or at least date and number? I hope my question makes sense.
  3. Oregon 600, 450, and 300. Plus, our Android phones.
  4. These are the stories that keep me Geocaching.
  5. When it is working perfectly (most of the time) it is a treasure..... Hopefully you won't be plagued with too many issues! Do yourself a favour and consider upgrading the battery pack - I changed out my supplied pack for a pair of Eneloop Pros - battery life has increased by 2-3x (conservative estimate). I'm curious if the Eneloop's can be charged in the gps...I have a great charger for Eneloops but wonder doing it the other way if needed. I recently got back into geocaching after taking a break for a couple of years. Anyway, I've used the Etrex Vista H (2 - one was stolen), Oregon 200, Oregon 300, Oregon 450, and recently an Oregon 650. I really enjoy using the 650 because the screen is much brighter than on the previous Oregons that I had used. The one UBER feature that I love is being able to load an unlimited amount of geocaches with the help of GSAK. I currently load about 20,000+ geocaches on it. I know that sounds like overkill and I don't plan on finding them all. It just makes my geocaching easier because I am all over the place in Southern California. In any given month, I go to the mountains, desert, or beach and having geocaches loaded for all the areas I travel to makes my geocaching more convenient. I don't have to carry my laptop with me and have to scramble to load geoaches into my GPS because I have them all loaded. This is where people will say that they like using an app on their phone to geocache. But, I have found that my GPS is more accurate when the sky is blocked by trees and or canyons. Plus, my phone battery dies pretty quick when geocaching. As for freezing up or locking up, my 650 has frozen on one occasion. I took out the batteries and restarted it and it had no issues afterwards. I think Garmin has finally ironed out the issues with this model. I also got a good deal through Cabella's and paid $329 about six weeks ago. I almost forgot, I and others have messed with the geocaching filter on the unit and accidently caused geocaches to NOT show up on the map. Learn how to use that menu. So, I have to say that the 650 is great for geocaching and hiking. I even use mine in my Jeep to go off-roading.
  6. I agree with you. The new app sucks. I tried it the other day and it left me wanting much more. I paid for the Classic GC app and it works okay, nothing special. A few years ago, I used C:geo and it is better than either of the two GC apps. But, I always go back to one of my Garmin Oregons. The discussion boards here are full of a bunch of haters (not all) and usually tow the company line. So, you will not get any sympathy here. I laughed when someone questioned your devotion(?) to geocaching because you haven't found 20,000 geocaches. Geez, some of us have a life.
  7. Garmin Communicator is a type of plug-in which can be abused to enter and infect your computer. So these NPAPI plug-ins are rejected by Chrome. Edge can't use plug-ins at all. Chrome and Edge are not Windows 10. They are browsers. Other browsers, like Firefox and Internet Explorer, are still capable of using the Communicator. FF needs a signed version of the plug-in from its plug-in store. IE is still capable of using the classic Garmin Communicator, but nobody knows for how long. The end of your geocaching? Just alter your workflow. There are lots of alternatives, you don't need the Communicator at all. Use the GPX file button instead of the Sent to GPS button. Or use Pocket Queries. Or third party programs like GSAK or GAPP. Like I said....a cheap, used unit running XP and Firefox makes everything smooth. Not even that complicated if you're running Windows 10 Pro. Fire up Hyper-v and load an instance of whatever OS you have buried in the desk. Had to do this so I could get some ActiveX and Java streaming webcams working for an upcoming trip. I am not having any issues with windows 10, Edge, or my Oregons ( 650 and 450). I either use GSAK, or just drag and drop the GPX files onto my units. I do have a premium membership andt have download 65K ( I know, overkill) geocaches into the Oregon 650 and 5K geocaches into the 450.
  8. If the TB is moving, I don't see any harm in that. I released a TB seven years ago and during the last year or so, the TB traveled to North Africa, and Spain with one geocacher.
  9. My Garmin Oregon 450 bit the dust and I bought a new Garmin Oregon 650 to replace it. So far, over the last two weeks, I have been learning how to use the 650 and I just plain love it. My old Garmin 450 screen was showing a couple of lines across the top and bottom of the screen and that's why I bought the 650. Anyway, I did call Garmin and they said that they would send out a refurbished Oregon 450 unit for $99. So, I sent back the Oregon 450 that I bought in January of 2010, paid the $99, and waited for the refurbished unit. Well, it never came because it was accidentally sent out to my old address from seven years ago! So, I called Garmin and the customer service representative on the other side apologized profusely and said he would take care of the problem. He sent out another unit and it got to me two days later without any hassle. So, today, I sit here with a unit that looks brand spanking new! I am going to give the 450 to my wife to replace her Oregon 300. I can't say enough about Garmin. This company really stands out. -Jeep Del Fuego
  10. All geocaching communications would go through this new email address, so by not checking it, you'd miss important notifications (such as DNF and Needs Maintenance logs on your own hides). So, no... it would be a bad idea to associate an account with a junk email address. Filter rules are the preferred way to go. You can have multiple email addresses linked to your account at the same time. When you set up a new Instant Notification or PQ, you can choose which of the linked email addresses it will use for that particular function. In this case, you would keep the same primary email address and add a second one to use only for PQs. This seems to be a great idea and I will do this right now. But, it would be nice to have the option to not receive the email notification. Thanks.
  11. Now that I've discovered that you can run a gazillion pocket queries, my inbox has been inundated with notifications. I use GSAK to download my queries and do not need or want to get the email notification. I still want to receive other Geocaching.com notices and such. Thanks,
  12. I have been using my 650 for about a week with 42,000 caches loaded through GSAK and it has not had any issues. I am using the GGZ file format and load the geocaches to the SD card after I delete the old files first.I've been using the same process for years with the other Oregon GPSRs I have owned.
  13. Thanks for the link to the Oregon 6xx wiki. There is a ton of information there.
  14. I got six years of use from my Oregon 450. But, just as soon as I started to get interested in geocaching again, the screen developed a couple of horizontal grey lines that made it unbearable to use. I didn't realize how long I had been using it until I contacted Garmin and they told me that I had registered it in 2010! Anyway, they offered to refurbish it for $99 which doesn't seem too bad considering how expensive GPS units have become. So, a couple of hours after I sent out the unit and paid the $99, I came across a decent deal for an Oregon 650 and pulled the trigger for yet another Garmin GPS. . I started Geocaching around 2007 and I have used the following GPS units: Etrex H (stolen) Etrex H (Sold a few months later) Oregon 200 (scratched the screen and sold it) Oregon 200 (Gave it to my sister) Oregon 300 (Wife stole it) Oregon 450 (2010-2016 On the way to Garmin to be fixed) Oregon 650 (waiting for it) I don't even want to add up how much I spent on all of these units because my wife would kill me. I am not sure if I will buy another one next time because smart phones keep getting better all the time. I am sure to go hiking and geocaching a lot more this year to justify the cost of the Oregon 650 to my wife. Happy Hiking and Geocaching to all, Jeep Del Fuego
  15. Make sure that you visit the Garmin Oregon Wiki @ http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/ to find out everything about the 450. I absolutely love my 450, 300, 200, and Dakota 10 that I have used over the last few years. -jeepdelfuego
  16. I really don't mean any disrespect. But, I wouldn't want to move any remains whether they be human or animal. I hope that you mark the TB accordingly.
  17. I've been considering the Thrive for about a month or so. I didn't know that it had GPS. That's another good reason to get it. I just wish it was $100 cheaper.
  18. You tech savvy guys should lay off the Starbucks and try to focus a little more. To figure out how much memory you have on your 450 all you need to do is plug it in with a USB cable and look at the size on the Windows Explorer window and you should be able to find out the file size of the maps you are loading by viewing the size of the maps in whatever software you are using to put it onto the 450. FYI, when splashy says SD he means microSD. Did you get it working? I tend to load all of my maps on the MicroSD card. I have been using 8GB cards on all of my Oregons (200, 300, & 450) for three years or so. Here are a couple of good links: http://www8.garmin.c...eUsersGuide.pdf http://garminoregon....spaces.com/Maps
  19. Most of the "premium member only" caches that I have found have been lame. I've never even given the thought of hiding a cache for the elite...more power for the people!!!!!
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