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How do i upload other peoples walks onto my device so i can do them, i remember asking this question a while back and i got the answer,and im sure i have what you need downloaded on my pc but im looking for it now and cant find it or remember what it was, i thought it was Basecamp but that just seems i can put my walks onto that, Any help would be greatfull Cheers

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i have an oregon 450,i had vista when i asked the question before, and as for the format im not sure what you mean,im new to geocaching and gps devices, just looking for somewhere i can see peoples walks they have done and if it looks good put it on my device and walk it, not even sure that can be done but hope it is as i spent 260 on the device and want to use it for more that just geocaching, cheers

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OK, I've got a 550 so I know your 450 will take GPX files. These normally contain geocaches, but can also contain track logs. You put these into the folder /Garmin/GPX (either on the unit or on the SD card).


That's the easy bit, I do not know of anywhere you can download other peoples track logs. May be someone else can help with that bit of the puzzle.

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ok so so i have recorded a walk, there was a site or something where i could upload it and see the walk i did on a detailed map,i have done this one just cant remember where or what site it was




Garmin themselves have a similar thingie, but this one looks a hell of a lot more user friendly.


I've used tracks from www.everytrail.com when abroad on holiday .

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