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finding people

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If they're a member of these forums you can search using the link at the top right side of the forum, where it says Members.




You can go here




and, in the URL bar at the top, type in the geocaching account name after the =


and press Enter.




You can go here




and scroll down the left side, Under "Seek a Cache", to "Found by Username", put their name in the box and press Go, which will give you all the caches found by that account name and from there you can find the log from Whoeveritis which will take you to their profile.


You will need to know the exact name of the geocaching account to search effectively.


Hope I made that (reasonably) clear :)



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Hi and welcome.



You could enter their coordinates into your GPSr and set off, :) or:



From your profile page at http://www.geocaching.com/my/ 3/4s of the way down on the right select find another player which is under the account options header. enter in their caching name and click on go. If it finds more than one account with a similar name then you will need to select them from the drop down box, if you get a direct hit then you have either found them or you mispelt it and got someone else.



Hope that helps.

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If you're looking at a cache page, with all the logs listed below the details, and can see a log from the person you want to contact, just click on their name. That will take you to their profile.


If you're trying to find people near to you to say hi, look at who has hidden caches around your area and click on their name.



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