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  1. Half way through logging some caches, I get the message that I am not logged in. Tried to log in, but nothing happens. Managed to reset my password, but still can't log in to the site. Tried Chrome, FireFox and IE11 (the latter gives me the 500 - Server Error message).
  2. Even in the relative safety of the UK, I try and retrieve a cache with my walking stick (where possible) from any holes, or wear heavy duty gardening gloves. Having cached in Florida and Texas, I do try and avoid going off the paths, especially since I'm usually wearing, shorts and sandals, and it's too hot for gloves. Also, I'm aware there are far more deadly critters over there too. So far, I've not been bitten by anything worse than a mosquito whilst caching in Florida (and that was bad enough).
  3. There is a Staffordshire Cachers group on Facebook. And they have an event each month (SOS - Stafford or Stoke).
  4. This happend far too frequently on my Oregon, I just decided to turn the magnetic compass off. At least the arrow now points in the correct direction when I move.
  5. Every time I see a pile of sticks, I have to check to see if there's a cache hiding underneath
  6. I hadn't thought about including Geocaching on my CV before, but will now add it. A good interviewer will ask you about your hobbies to break the ice and help you relax.
  7. I miss not receiving the email with the attachments, since when I'm away from home, I'm usually attached to WiFi which is time limited. It is much quicker to log on to WiFi, run Outlook to download all emails and then log off, than to actually visit the website and then physically download the file(s).
  8. I wonder if the landowner discovered that the only people using the footpath were geocachers. It is possible they planned on getting the footpath removed from the definitive map due to lack of use, and the geocache upset their plans. It might be worth reporting the path to the local Rambler Association footpath officer so they can keep an eye on the situation, and keep it in use.
  9. This is a good site to start with: http://www.follow-the-arrow.co.uk/resources/default.shtml
  10. I was in Lisbon early this month (on the Queen Victoria), and managed to find a viewpoint to see the 3 Cunard Queens. I was unable to find the nearest cache GC3J66Y (the heat didn't help), but the next nearest one was found GC442KB.
  11. I can't even see my own profile either without getting the same error!
  12. And have the smartphone verify you are actually at the location? Sounds familiar
  13. If they found and opened the cache, only to discover there was no log book, I would say their found it log should stand, since it is not their fault the cache has not been maintained. But I do agree where it is obvious they have not attempted to sign the log, their log should be changed to a note. I think it should be made clearer that if you can see the container, but cannot retrieve it, then a note is the best log to write.
  14. I would rather pay in $US, so why not have the option to pay $30 plus the 15% VAT?
  15. Make friends with an IT guy and and ask for the magnets from old hard drives, although they do take some separating from the brackets.
  16. I do like that idea, Instantly see which countries I've cached in. If Groundspeak want to keep the existing country/county souvenirs, then why not create a new tab, possibly under under statistics, and show the flags of all the countries caches have been found in, with a choice of date or alphabetical order.
  17. It is the new improved weekly newsletter from earlier this year It seems that I am now expected to use PQ's to find out about events throughout the country. I could always expand my email notification to cover the country, but I would receive an email for each new listing. I much prefer the previous method of seeing the list each week of forthcoming events.
  18. Perhaps it will be easier for the Yanks to understand if we equate England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland to states. There are souvenirs for each US state, so I don't see why we can't have a souvenir for the UK 'states'. We are not asking for county souvenirs, just 4 souvenirs for the UK. Germany has 16 souvenirs for their 'states'.
  19. The price increase is due to the high cost of Groundspeak converting GB£ to US$, as well as allegedly collecting some tax on behalf of the EU. The only problem is they won't confirm they are actually paying it. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=309954
  20. I have been amazed at how many foreign caches I have done which have English as the primary or secondary language. It then comes as a shock when you do get one only in the native language though - this is there caching skills come in useful.
  21. Bringing this back to the top, just to show GS that we are not going to forget this even though they are trying to.
  22. If they don't respond to emails, and ignore the forums, how are we supposed to communicate with Groundspeak?
  23. Maybe Groundspeak are planning on selling their own software in competition to GSAK?
  24. Having just had some metal item removed from my garden, I'm sure the ammo boxes are only being taken for their scrap value, albeit not worth much at the moment, but it all adds up.
  25. I used to get a list of events for all the country for several weeks / months in advance, and I could plan trips around the dates. As above, I only find about local events by email when they are published and have no idea about any other events going on. So much for 'improving' the weekly newsletter (amongst other things). I hate being so negative to Groundspeak with all my recent posts, but sadly I don't seem to have much choice in the matter and it is not helped by the lack of communication from them either.
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