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Nearest CITO events?

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I live in a rural area and as far as I can tell there aren't any CITO events anywhere near me. Is there a way to find the closest ones to my home coordinates without having to guess my way though the days and lists? Thank you!

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Go to "Hide and Seek a Cache", search by state, events come up at the top, scroll down and look for the events with the CITO icon.


In Illinois, the following CITO events are happening, so far:


Go Green! CITO At Fullersburg Woods

On April 18th.


Halt the invasion!

GONIL's Bike Path Clean-up IV

on April 24th.


Scouting for Service CITO — Blackhawk Area Council

Scouting for Service CITO — NW Suburban Council

Scouting for Service CITO - Lewis & Clark Council

Chicagoland Cache-apolooza Gives Back

All on May 15th.


Looks like Illinois is going to be busy! Yay!!!

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do an advanced search


1. go to the hide and seek a cache page and scroll down to where it says "Try advanced search options, or look for locationless caches (now waymark categories!)" and click 'advanced search options'




2. from the home page, scroll down to the 'search for geocaches' element, and select 'advanced search'


You can now select which type of cache you want to find (CITO event, any cache, multi, etc.) and you can select where to base it from (co-ordinates, state/country, postal/zip code)


you will now be at a page that shows all nearby caches (I think within 50m, but I honestly have no idea

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