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  1. I think the "hot", "top", and "new" tabs all contain ALL of the topics, just arranged differently. "Hot" appears to be arranged in order of recent activity, most recent at the top. "Top" is arranged by the number of votes, most-voted-for at the top. And "new" appears to be in order of when the idea was submitted, with the newest at the top. I think that "New" is when the last post was posted, "Top" is what has the most votes, and "Hot" is what has the highest average votes per person ratio, but I'm not sure Good idea! starting at midnight between friday and saturday! Set your alarms
  2. The action figure needs a splint now that it's leg is broken Pour the hot sauce on the wounded toy figurine to make its injuries more realistic, and let the battle to stop Evil Dr Porkchop continue! How about a transit day pass from three months ago? the transit pass can alternate as a stretcher for said wounded toy when the injuries get the best of it. a sheet of stickers, with out stickers.... only the shapes of where they were on the sticky sheet? A very interesting tic-tac-toe board, and the outline is usually a sticker, so you can shred that up into cool shaped stickers pee (many forum topics about this, unfortunately)
  3. I can't speak for anyone else but I put " site:forums.Groundspeak.com" then it only searches this site (usually)
  4. http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?p...page&id=115
  5. I vote that we DOUBLE the pay for the reviewers!! Who's with me?! isn't double 0 still- Oh, now I get it! I vote we quintuple their pay!
  6. I believe they were removed because too many people were arm chair logging them, and it was easy to get away with because you could often google the answers. Not really something they'll be bringing back until the world stops caring about numbers. If you have a good idea for a virtual, go to Waymarking. You can place a virtual there, and your geocaching membership will work there too.
  7. You haven't been able to hide virtuals in years. It is a grandfathered cache type
  8. With currently 20 finds or so, I have had this happen with one that I know about. I could not find an easy micro after looking for about 45 minutes, then I came back home to log a DNF and found a found it log with the same date... There was also one that I spent about 15 minutes looking for before I gave up, and the owner told me I was looking in exactly the right spot, I just wasn't seeing it. In my defense, that last one was during a rainstorm with the temperature probably being around freezing, so I didn't exactly look my hardest. There was one that I'm assuming was missing though. The description and clue narrowed it down to at this point on this pillar and it was this type of container. Only gave about a 1' radius as to where it was and I didn't find it.
  9. get the ASCII code for the letter, then count it as a binary number and do a binary-to-decimal transfer. If you want to be mean.
  10. concur. this is what causes cache migration. shudders to see "i hid it better" in a log What about; I found your micro under the lamp skirt. Now this was obviously not where it was meant to be because that's so lame, so I instead placed it in the much less lame area of the guardrail 15 meters away at GZ.
  11. Will there be any new bugs? Yes, the new bug will be signal's long lost sister, sally light (or patty light, either way sounds kind of like satellite...)
  12. the only problem with that is that people will just assume that you hide your micros as unknowns and smalls to keep them in people's PQs. people will probably get your unknowns and smalls out of their PQs if they don't like micros, and possibly even put all of your caches on their ignore list. Your choice, but what decides what cache size it is isn't how it's hidden, it's the size of the container that holds the logbook directly.
  13. and what makes you think that people will not just say the margin error is less than 5 meters just to comply with this rule? Well, duh. They have to download a specific Wherigo cartridge to their GPS that will record the coordinates, and the error margin, then plug their GPS into their computer and upload the data. Oh, I forgot to mention, they must be using one of a certain 10 GPSs that Groundspeak gets a 10% portion of all sales from... And they have to do all this while wearing a chicken suit. That would probably be appreciated by those crazy many who actively hate urban caches.
  14. Doesn't that go against the basic rules of the forums ? Sadly it does seem to...
  15. Why my favorite geocache was hidden by someone with less then 50 hides. My favorite geocachER was hidden by soemone with less then 80... Funny though, the people who have over 100 finds have the worst geocaches. I disagree with that one. that's been my experience mostly.... there's a few cachers with thousands of finds... and 200+ hides... those were wet logs in non-sense places....inside of plastic containers that never should have been set out....that never respond to maintenance notes (not mine). That may be because they see hides/finds as "points". I personally see it as more of a percentage for my "points". If I have one hide that 97% of people who visit absolutely love, that beats 200 caches that about 10% of people like... That's why I don't have a cache hidden yet. I'm giving it careful planning, and looking for a GOOD place. Not just a place where it will be well hidden, but a place with a good view, or a nice hike.
  16. Why would you knowingly pick it up just to remove the batteries or smash it? It is the property of the owner, just as every Travel Bug is. To wreck one would be just like wrecking a traditional Travel Bug. There's a certain degree of reason for a cacher who doesn't realize the Travel Bug contains a tracking chip to remove the batteries while the bug is with them and to replace them after dropping it in the next cache. If you have a problem with a traveller just don't pick it up. It's the same as how you wouldn't look for a cache that was in a spot you don't like. Just don't search for it. You wouldn't Muggle a cache just because you didn't like the way it was hidden, would you? (I hope not. ) I haven't come across any I've hated that much, don't worry. besides, if I were to muggle a cache because of placement, it would be because it was in an illegal area and was going to give geocaching a bad name. (I have not yet done this nor do I plan to, I do not think I would do this should the time come but this would be the ONLY reason I would muggle a cache based on not liking the cache.) You can just ignore an LPC, they don't hurt anybody, but these trackables could so easily be used for nefarious deeds, so I would probably at the very least attach a note to it saying that it is a trackable that sends out your coordinates if I noticed but it wasn't very obvious...
  17. for that particular example; because if you had a rechargeable battery like that then you would have serious problems if you went on a 2 hour hike and the battery ran out, as you can't switch that battery. On the other hand, if they had both then the GPS would be too bulky. If you just get a good GPS and good batteries, then you won't need to carry a load of batteries with you. My GPS lasts for 10-20 hours depending on it's mood and I can just slip the batteries in my charger when they're done.
  18. Two people I KNOW do this, you and I. Could it be that that's a Canadian cacher only trend?
  19. I think there's something like that at terracaching or something like that... I don't know details though
  20. Harder but not impossible. I had a 120 IQ when I was in 3rd grade I was spouting off quantum theorems at 1 week! What? You find that hard to believe? I'm sure I was in some language...
  21. It's the same thing with the snowmobiling community. We never notice the ones who snowmobile nicely around the fields, but we DO notice the ones that zoom around as fast as they can around our yard when we're trying to play outside, and the ones who slash our snow fence... you're going to get you're some small percent of idiots in any sport or game, and they'll be the only ones getting (inter)national attention. The good ones will get commended, but usually it looks more like a newspaper article about "this is the only person who's actually nice and a motorcyclist"
  22. I do, I always do. I was just wondering whether or not it actually was a DNF if I didn't actually search.
  23. what I have is an absolutely blank screen except for hash marks if I turn off my other maps (it doesn't even show the highways and water features and such that the basemap usually shows) and there is no longer a basemap under the list of my maps. I deleted it by accidentally going to the Oregon's directory, clicking Garmin, then deleting the file marked "gmapbmap"...
  24. I never was a noob when I started geocaching. This is only because I read the guidelines and staked out the forums before I posted, as none of the questions I had were so important it didn't matter if they waited an extra day or two. In fact I mainly staked out the answer because I was too lazy to type the question. If the search function worked in the forums, or they just had one of those little custom Google search boxes, and the guidelines were a mandatory read for any geocacher, you would almost never have questions getting asked over and over...
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