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  1. I live in a rural area and as far as I can tell there aren't any CITO events anywhere near me. Is there a way to find the closest ones to my home coordinates without having to guess my way though the days and lists? Thank you!
  2. I figured 2 wouldn't stay shut, and 3 would get the paper soaked. 4 is really disappointing. As cool as those magnetic nut-and-bolt micro caches are, depending on the placement and clues, havoc can be wrought. For example, GC1VVPM is hidden near a flag. The actual cache site is about 8yd from GZ. What IS at GZ is the high-powered lamp that shines on the flag and its power box. As a result of the hint, "twist my threads," several of the screws to the box have been removed and lost.
  3. Is there a formal definition somewhere of a night cache? I get the gist of it but I've never heard of one before.
  4. Thanks so much! That's such an obscure and missable spot to put it, though that may be the point here
  5. I don't have an "Upload Pictures" button on the top right of any of the Caches I've logged, or the TB I found.
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