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¸¸.• Announcing "The Original Can of Beans" Geocoin •.¸

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Available in four flavors:

Antique Nickel w/Black Nickel

Antique Gold w/Black Nickel

Antique Copper w/Copper

Antique Copper


I see of the four flavors created that only two (Antique Copper and Antique Copper w/Copper) are still listed for sale on the website.


Does this mean the Antique Nickel w/Black Nickel and Antique Gold w/Black Nickel will no longer be produced?


Is there any estimate of the number of each flavor that has been, or will be, produced?




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I took the two-tones with the BN off the site because it is the most difficult to plate on the coins with the flaking. The AN/BN is a continued possibility, but I am keeping it off the site until I see the remakes. The AG/BN is done. That version will be replaced by straight AG.


After I get all the coins in and the remainder of the orders filled, I will publish in this thread the exact numbers of each plating and their minting numbers.



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A note about the OCB Geocoins ~


I have seen multiple auctions on eBay today listing these coins as HTF (Hard to find), LE (Limited Edition) and of all things... BRONZE.


Let me inform the masses so we are all clear - I took the OCB coins off the webstore TEMPORARILY because of the minting errors that took place on the first and second runs. I have coins on order now that are in production.. but those folks who have waited out the minting errors will have their orders satisfied FIRST, and in the order in which they were received.


Having said that, there IS an Antique Bronze version in production, however, it's an exclusive edition that will only be sold in GERMANY.


So, when going to eBay looking for OCB coins, Please be aware of what you are bidding on. I find it irresponsible of the eBay sellers of these coins that they do NOT accurately describe the item in which they are selling. This has been addressed to each seller individually.


The OCB Geocoin is UNDER CONTRACT, and is an OPEN MINTING. That means that these coins will ALWAYS be available at the ORIGINAL PRICE.


As I have stated before, ONLY the Antique Gold/Black Nickel OCB coin is done. That doesn't mean that the mint will not perfect how to plate it in the future, they just can't seem to get it right, right now.


Once the original reservation orders are filled, I will be posting the minting numbers for all to see (no secrets here). I just wanted to keep everyone in the loop and up to speed on these coins.



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