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The fun of recovering (Not Found) benchmarks!

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We had a blast today! Set out on 5 benchmarks that hadn't beed recovered in years and actually recovered 3 of them!


Our favorite one was...


DN0059 was monumented in 1934, (recovered) in good condition in 1959 and then (not found) in 1994.


We checked the coordinates and then merged them with the description information and came up with a good idea where the disk should be. A check of the area came up with nadda, then I happened to notice the base of a nearby tree. The benchmark concrete base has been partially swallowed by the tree and the bark has reached the disk itself. Within a couple of years it'll completely envelope it.


Question: Would it be acceptable to cut the tree down before loosing the BM? It is n RR property, I'll contact them about it.


The other recovered benchmarks were DN0055 and DN1075.


The other two? I'll be back.....


A GREAT day indeed! icon_smile.gif


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Originally posted by Team 5-oh!:

If the tree has caused any movment of the disk then it is probably unusable without a reset.


Now if we could only figure out where the reset button is on those things. icon_smile.gif


Seriously, if it is already partially enveloped by the tree it may already be too late to salvage it. Most likely it has changed position and is unusable as a survey point. Not sure if that is considered destroyed, but it should be reported to the NGS. From the NGS recovery form "...please send the report on the destroyed mark as an email to Deb Brown (Deb.Brown@noaa.gov)." I'd send a description to Deb Brown and see what the official response to the situation is.


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What this mark could use, though, is a witness post. No doubt in years to come the mark will continue to succumb to the growth of the tree. A nearby witness post would help surveyors, et al, to locate the mark until it is completely gone. Whether or not NOAA or a local agency would provide one is questionable, but you might be able to create one yourself using existing signs as templates and place it beside the tree.


Something like this (made with SignMaker) although you'd wnt to keep it close to the standard monument sign size and shape.




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We are just starting to benchmark in our area. Our son has learned alot of local history just in the past couple of days!! He's comparing the last locations known to what is current today and finding out alot has changed in the past 60 years around here. icon_cool.gif


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I think filing a Mark Recovery Entry with NGS would be a better way to help guide people searching a mark. There is a place to enter a concise description of how to reach the mark.


A person would take on too much liability setting signs on private property. If one were able to obtain such permission, fine, but just try getting permission from the Railroad!


Signs also have a way of disappearing, too. A Mark Recovery Entry would be more permanent.


I asked Deb Brown at NGS about getting some of thier Carsonite Marker posts to set at marks I have found. She responded that it would be too much liability to have private surveyors do that.

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Jiggs: Benchmarking will be the most fun and frustration you have ever had. It is sometimes more fun to search for something that may not be there - othertimes you rush to a cache, just so you can find something! I just got off a 10 benchmark found day, a nice change from several 1 for 15 days.


Juanbob icon_eek.gif

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