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Add... Wreckchasing!

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Hunting benchmarks is a great idea! It's a good fit with GeoCaching.


May I suggest, if the Geocaching Team adds this level of GPS usage to "geocaching.com", that they also add "wreckchasing", too.


Wreckchasing is searching out and documenting military and civilian plane crash sites.






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....in my hands about this very thing.


It was before geocaching (so before Feb of '01 for me) and I returned the book because the descriptions were SO VAGUE as to be useless.


I guess that's why finding a wreck IS such a big deal.


My guess is that some of the descriptions had mentions of direction of flight, last heard from at such and such a tower...that kind of thing.


Might be worth digging up again though now that gps is around. If you did find one it would be great to make it a "virtual". Then the trails would be built to it by all the cachers and it would no longer be a mystery.




I've never been lost. Fearsome confused sometimes, but never lost.

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We have some ideas in the works to allow this sort of thing, but it will involve an overhaul of the web site. We're basically planning to offload the "non-geocaching" items to Groundspeak proper. We're experiencing growing pains at the moment that we want resolved the right way. Excellent idea though!




Jeremy Irish

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There aren't that many plane wreck sites, though. I was thinking about putting geocaches at or around the three near me.


I like the highpointing idea, unfortunately most GPS receivers aren't very accurate in the vertical direction.

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as a person who has been involved in the recovery of bodies from plane crashes, pardon me for thinking you all a little sick for wanting to visit a location like this. at least pray in what ever way you personally pray while you are there.



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