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I have noticed for some months now that I have sometimes been receiving duplicate emails notifying me that a cache has been published. Same date/time etc but each 'set' could be from different reviewers. I was wondering if I was alone is this or if anyone else sometimes receives doubling up emails?

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There are quite a few cachers over on the GC Website forum who are complaining that they haven't been receiving their notifications recently...


I think you should take a stroll over to that forum and let them know you're getting everything twice. ;)




Edited to correct spelling of "recieving" :rolleyes: ... What was I thinking of?

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The duplicates are not happening on every new publication. At a previous work place I was administrator for a system that was used to publish content and their was an option for users to recieve these publications via email. As administrator I would recieve feedback comments, several comments were recieved relating to duplicate emails.


On investigation it turned out that when the publishers 'pressed the button' to submit the publication to the website if they believed it had not gone through as sometimes the screen did not refresh automatically/quickly enough..to make sure it went through they would 'press the button' again. but it meant they were sending it twice to the server twice - and hence 2 emails received by users. I have looked at my settings and everything appears ok (and I own the email domain name) so I am a little confused!

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