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  1. Try c:geo (can be used on a blackberry) is free and you can log trackables
  2. Hello Beds Clangers! Glad to hear that you haven't lost your interest in geocaching. Welcome back!
  3. As a result of the recent breach, Canal & River Trust has had to close a 12-mile stretch to navigation while they carry out the massive repairs necessary to secure the canal. Canal breaches are exceptionally rare, although they are extremely expensive to fix and the repair bill for the damage on the Trent & Mersey Canal is estimated at £1.5 million. An emergency appeal has been launched to help repair the damage. If you have any geocaches along this route...they may be gone :-(
  4. 25 favs 35mm film canister in the woods http://coord.info/GC2Q3KW
  5. sorry to hear your news. GAGB have a group on fb - possibly try there too
  6. Enjoyed thiis little series today..... http://coord.info/GC32C4E
  7. My son has just told me he answered one of these calls today.. caller...'there may be a prob with our computer my son...oh thank you, I am so glad that you called. It isn't running' caller...Can you explain the problem? My son...Yes, it has broken its leg! Caller...Are you having me on? My son...No you are having me on! Take this number of your system. Caller....(quietly) OK and then hung up!
  8. Thanks Mrs.B for the info., thought I was going around the twist!!
  9. anybody else noticed this? For example; East Midlands Airport Travel Bug Hotel http://coord.info/GL22YD47 takes me to http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=ff3c4dab-e1fd-4904-ac42-d15006ab5d75 Stormflex found Skylar walk around Ashford Hill and Brimpton 10. Tuesday, 30 December 2008 South East England, United Kingdom Out today with doubledragonxx to complete this great series. It was a cold day but we both enjoyed the walk. Bumped into parallel sticks at number 8. Also took in Badgers Christmas Cracker and Headley's Home. Thanks!
  10. That is a fantastic story! At least they knew where their TB was!
  11. Not working that well for me. One minute it loads, go to go to next page on my search screen and it loses it again.
  12. One of our caches was reported today as only having the bag and pen remaining, it was a BIG tupperware box and it appears that the container and logbook are gone. We also recieved a report that the next nearest cache which is on the same pathway (also ours) cannot be found.....
  13. I think it is to identify a set of caches that are likely to be beginner-friendly
  14. Really? Because the way it displays my results is one in light blue then one in white etc.
  15. Me too. I also checked on the page linked. I did not realise I had to search the databse to find one for you!!! http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?lat=52.0422&lng=-0.7047000000000025&dist=5
  16. Apologies , the link is at the bottom of the search RESULTS page Beginner caches are highlighted in green below and are recommended for new geocachers. Scroll to the bottom and uncheck the setting "Highlight beginner caches" to stop highlighting caches. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?lat=51.51333&lng=-0.08894699999996192&dist=100
  17. Anyone else seen this new filter at the bottom of the search screen on geocaching.com to highlighting beginner caches? Beginner CachesSome geocache characteristics make it more likely that a new geocacher will be successful when they are first getting started. Beginner caches incorporate these characteristics: Traditional type Low difficulty Recently found by others No micro sized caches No problems reported
  18. There are a couple of apps for geocaching on a Blackberry: Geocache Navigator is supported http://www.geocachenavigator.com/
  19. Well you could not argue that Kettering police are not aware of caching....... GC2TTDX Super Hero Event
  20. to understand how the sport is played, by reading the rules and not appreciating the creativeness, uniqueness of containers that exist, how can the police give us guidelines to something that you know nothing about? If a police constable of wetherby aka police cacher 1 had 500 caches to his name, I would consider he had a true understanding of our hobby. It is like of a road planner that does not appreciate the traffic conditions of a given area and have a set of traffic lights installed which causes mayhem and outcry.
  21. Big hugs and thank you to all of the reviewers for your time, your knowledge and your support to allow us to enjoy our hobby. X
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