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renew membership issues

Pat in Louisiana
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On the right hand side just below "Hello Luckycharmer and above my old renewal date was a link that said something like "Renew Membership now" It was due April 9, 2010. I just followed the link whick is now gone.


I just now went to 'Your profile", then "Your account details" then "Your membership details", clicked on "renew membership" then under payment type in the drop down options was Paypal. It's still an option for me there.

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When I click on "Renew Membership" right below the "welcome"

it takes me to"Update Payment Information

To update your payment information, please review and update your billing address and payment information below. Once you have updated all required information, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page, to save your changes.

There are only two area that can be filled in

first is "Billing address"

Second is "Credit card information"


I never actually get to the renewal page I guess?

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