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NUVI with TOPO software

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Has anyone here ever loaded TOPO 2008 and other Garmin topo maps to a Nuvi 765t? Specifically, TOPO maps that have routes on them that have been created on a laptop.


If so, how where they to read and how accurate.


I am looking for a larger screen to display TOPO maps when in the desert regions of the southwest. I currently have 60CSx that I will continue to use for mapping the routes; however, the 60 series screen is just too small to see effectively while off-roading on some rough trails at any time of speed.

Been looking at a RAM mount and a laptop, but that takes up too much room. Would love to use a large screen Nuvi it if worked. I did contact Garmin, and the reply was a winded, “maybe.”

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Yes, I have a Nuvi 750 with Garmin Topo and the better California Topo maps by Laura Sanborn. Install the maps on the media card. The Nuvi will read them and in the Map menu, you have the choice of unselecting City Navigator so that you can view Topo. Accuracy is the same as on the handhelds. Don't know about routes as I don't use them.

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I presently have the following maps available to transfer...


TOPO 2008, most recent updates,

City navigator 2010NT 2.0 (1-time update with a Nuvi 205. It placed it in Mapsource as well.)

City Navigator 2010NT 4.0 (created when I had to replace the stolen 205 w/a 1300)

Ibycus USA 2.0 (which, I'm now seeing does Routing, on the 1300!)


and, a few others.. I keep the Ibycus & Topo maps on the memory card, as different file names, but they both appear in the 'Info' list for the maps..


Though, I mostly stick to the City Navigator maps for the Nuvi..


Stephen (gelfling6)

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Is Topo USA routable? It didn't used to be.


The latest version of Topo Canada (v4) now contains routing data but previous versions did not.


You need to check the specs on the various Nuvi models to be sure they have the capabilities you need.


Routes transfer properly from Mapsource to my 765T. Some Nuvis don't store routes. They only work with your active route, which you can't save, so you can't transfer routes to them either.


Some Nuvis cannot have Vias inserted in routes. You can only enter a destination. You can't do any Avoids and you cannot insert Vias to force a route to go where you want it rather than where the route calculation thinks it should go. So even if it supports saved routes, it may not accept transfered routes if they contain Vias.



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So, has anyone programmed a route in TOPO on their computer than transferred that file to a card and then into the Nuvi?
That exact sequence, no. But all the new Garmin 24K Topos maps include routing, that includes trails. So simply do the routing inside your Nuvi, and use Via points to coax the route over any path you wish. Alternately, you can route in Mapsource and transfer the route by USB into the Nuvi. Low end Nuvi's only allow one route, more expensive units have more, I have a cheapie. Never used a card to transfer a route, if possible explain.
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