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My reply to a post in a thread that was locked before I could comment

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If you had watched the way your thread developed through this afternoon I think you would have seen it wandering off topic from your original teddy-out-of-pram rant.


(I'm glad it got removed - IMO it was just getting silly.)


P.S. If you wish to voice a complaint in the future could you be more specific about what you're complaining about so that those responding to it can understand exactly what you're on about?




I was unable to access the forum today as I was in work so I couldn't see it develop and when I tried I couldn't.


I am not glad that it was closed as I thought free speech was a fundamental right of the civilised world.


I have voiced my complaint to Groundspeak and I am awaiting a reply but they must be busy so I am still waiting .


I didn't expect or want to get any sympathy from anyone but I wanted to vent my feelings and i did within the constraints of the forum without swearing or naming names which again i believe is my right as a paying member.


Now before anyone jumps on my case for singling out MrsB's post I think that it was the only one that was concerning my original post.


this will be my last comment on the subject as I am sure that Groundspeak will resolve my outstanding complaint soon and then I will be out of here .

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You have previously said both here and elsewhere that this subject was closed. So why start another thread?


If you have issues either just come out and say it rather bait in the trolls. :)


I am not baiting any trolls its is you that did that I was mearly expressing my right of reply



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Bait the Trolls hahahahaha you make me laugh with your name and shame website Shame on you Web Rat!

Moote you are such a hypocrite!! The above comment refers back to you making accusations over people being self appointed cache policemen, yet you have done this yourself on several occasions, only the other day you admitted to being a self appointed cache policeman, here's a reminder to your policing technique. Just because YOU thought it was dangerous doesn't mean it actually was and YOU had no right to remove it. Couple of other incidents spring to mind such a dry stone walls and latex!! In fact most of your heated arguments on here come across as a self appointed policeman on how and what should be done in caching.



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