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Recommended caches in Crete ?


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Hi, or should I say Kalimera ?


I'm planning a summer holiday on the beautiful island of Crete, and I see there are lots of nice caches to be found there.

But are there any caches I really shouldn't miss ?

I will be staying in the Heraklion area, but I intend to rent a car so I'm not limited to the place...


Any suggestions?



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The most appropriate to respond to this post are the fellows Greek Geocachers from Crete, but possibly as many its own caches they not written yet.

I have gone 2-3 times in Crete for holidays and Geocaching, and i will go again. In Crete there are many caches, in various places such as

beautiful beaches, in or out of nice caves, in majestic gorges, in high peaks of hills and mountains etc.

Which caches like everyone is of course a personal matter. Some that I showed up in the region of Heraklion and are remarkable for me are :

  1. .
  2. Skotino cave
  3. Melidoni (near a very nice cave)
  4. Juktas (At the top of a hill in the area of Archanes village. A very nice traditional village of Crete. There also many other caches near the village.)
  5. Snails House Revisited (In a marvelous beach)
  6. Sarakina gorge (You have to traverse a nice gorge)

In the end I left the most striking one that is the best for me and it is on the top of a summit at 1760m of Psiloritis mountain.

Celestial Crete . You can reach there by car and if is good weather you will enjoy it.

Read also my log on July 2, 2009 in the cache page.

For all the above caches i put a link to the corresponding page of each one to help you to read their pages.


I hope this information will help you and many wishes for happy holidays and happy Geocaching in Crete.

Greetings from Greece


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Hi Vuurvos!

If you plan to go to Western Crete I can recommend the following along the North Coast:

1) BRUUNS HOLIDAY CACHE NO 1 (near Platanias) views!

2) ANZAC 107 (near Maleme airfield) views and history

On the way to Elafonisi Dream Beach you should not miss:

3) Agia Sofia Cave (near Topolia) church in ancient cave

4) Gorgeous Chestnuts with Bonus cache A Rock with a View (near Milia) remote village and views

If you go to the South Coast try:

5) Paleochora Castle (in Paleochora) inside castle

6) Koundoura (west of Paleochora) great beach!

All these caches are quite easy but offer spectacular landscapes. Check out the logs.


PS: I have found all above caches and enjoyed them very much except No. 4 which was hidden by myself.

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It was a very nice vacation where we found 16 caches.

My favourites were:

GCN4G4 - Crete - Akrotiri - "3 Monasteries Cache"


GC1T4RV - waterfalls

GC1ZG3E - Fossil Bay


That doesn't mean I didn't like the others I found !


Many thanks to the people who placed them, you all showed me some nice places.


Check out my website if you want to see the complete list of visited caches.

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