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  1. I loved Moria , but to be honest, didn't feel much for GC40. Although it's a historical cache, but other than that, it was a bit disappointing... In that area I loved GCG9DA - Woudlopers 5:Kleffergek however. It's a multi, but of the adventurous type. It has a description in English as well.
  2. I like specials like this one a lot, however I'm very surprised you're not axed by the crowd on this forum. Maybe there is no holy guideline that forbids this, however I find it may inspire kids (or even adults) to go pulling other (real) sockets wherever they think there is a geocache. For that reason I never use electrical stuff for custom containers. I've even found one where you had to put your hand blindly into an old electrical distribution cabinet. Apparently this passes every review without a problem. But if you dare dig a small hole on the contrary, to put a small pipe into the ground... say no more...
  3. Als je op geocaching.com een map opent, zoals deze Dan kan je via de zijbalk links filteren op type, zodat je bijvoorbeeld de mysteries uitschakelt, of de caches die je al gevonden hebt. Dan heb je in diezelfde zijbalk een link Save as pocket query. Deze pocket query bevat de caches die op je scherm staan. Die pocket query kan je rechtstreeks op je gps zetten via usb
  4. 2 keer dezelfde found gelogd veronderstel ik, want 2 keer een cache plaatsen op dezelfde plaats, is onmogelijk. Je kan toch je 2de log verwijderen? Er staat een knopje "delete log" (een rood kruisje)...
  5. Wouldn't it be possible to put my preference of maps in a setting?
  6. The standard Mapquest is veeery slow here in Europe, but the openstreet maps work fine. A pity you have to select it every time. Wouldn't it be possible to store your preference in a cookie?
  7. Het valt te zien, als je maanden werk in een cache gestoken hebt... ben ik eigenlijk teleurgesteld met een TFTC hoor.
  8. Je gaat meer respons krijgen als je dezelfde vraag stelt op het .BE forum, maar hier alvast een paar tips van mij: Net over de grens vind je Moria:The return Op diezelfde locatie (en tegelijk ook op 2 andere plaatsen, waaronder Dinant), vind je het magistrale TNT: Donjons & mountains.Enige nadeel voor deze is dat je best over wat klimmateriaal beschikt... Als je in de tv-serie Lost geinteresseerd bent , is Dharma Initiative, Waypoint saturation experiment ook een leuke aanrader.
  9. Als je een firefox gebruiker bent, probeer eens greasemonkey en gctour te installeren.
  10. As a matter of fact, there is one near Manneke Pis himself, no kiddin': GC1FBWM And one you could call his 'sistercache', near Jeanneke Pis: GC1FBWP And a couple of others: GC1KTFA GC27GBD These are the caches I've done in the area... PS: I think these are all micro caches (like most of the caches in our cities are), so I doubt you can leave the coins or TB's there. To find regular size caches you need to go to the suburbs at least...
  11. I'm not from that area, but I'll relay your question on the local forum
  12. Voor de hand liggende redenen ? Je begint al direkt met een mystery...
  13. Cool ! I always tend to scale down objects, but apparently bigger is sometimes better !
  14. I get it : it's a greasemonkey script that no longer works... (GCBBCode)
  15. Since the update I can't log any caches anymore? To start with, the text window where I enter the log itself is no longer visible. When I try to submit anyway, I get an error window ? Oh, wait a second, in IE it seems to work, not in Firefox?
  16. It was a very nice vacation where we found 16 caches. My favourites were: GCN4G4 - Crete - Akrotiri - "3 Monasteries Cache" GC1NG8J - ZAKROS GC1T4RV - waterfalls GC1ZG3E - Fossil Bay That doesn't mean I didn't like the others I found ! Many thanks to the people who placed them, you all showed me some nice places. Check out my website if you want to see the complete list of visited caches.
  17. Thanks for the information, but I will be staying at the other side of the island. I've got 20-30 caches planned & counting the days 'till I leave ! When I come back I'll post my favourites here as well.
  18. Thanks for the tip, this is a nice feature. I used to have google maps for my TB's (seperately) where you could see the path it followed. For some reason this doesn't work anymore...
  19. VuurVos

    TB KML

    I use this link on my personal website to create a google map with my TB's travel on it. (www.geocachervuurvos.tk ->Onze TB's) That used to work fine up until ? a couple of weeks maybe?
  20. VuurVos

    TB KML

    No, I've got 4 on the road and each one has the same problem? It worked fine for a couple of years!?
  21. VuurVos

    TB KML

    Am I missing something or are the KML files for viewing travel bugs in Google maps no longer working? I get "invalid KML or KMZ file" when I try to view mine...
  22. VuurVos

    10 Years! Event

    I know of one planned event, but it's not in one of these cities...
  23. Check out the attributes on the caches : in a city like Brussels there are plenty of 24/7 caches
  24. Hi, we actually have a very active geocaching community. But there are not a lot of geocachers visiting this forum.We have our own local forum instead. Don't be afraid of geocaching in Belgium, we hardly ever see police officers arresting people for that Unlike some stories I've read on the US forum We don't have wildlife you should worry about (except maybe ticks) Some caches are already translated in English, and if you fancy one that isn't available in English, just let us know. I see you're visiting Bruges : from the ones I've done there I liked GCXKWY the most. I don't know how mobile you'll be while visiting Belgium, will you be using public transport, rent a car ?
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