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problem with mapsource


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I have a garmin vista hcx and venture hc. I just recieved the vista as a replacement for THE ONE THAT I LOST 2 WEEKS AGO!!!1!!1 I lost it while hunting!!


Before I lost it I installed maps from gpsdepot.com. I have the nc, ga, and se one. All was well. Then while I was on a trip attempting to switch the maps in the venture (it doesn't hold much) I had some kind of glitch and mapsource said "my seusa map" had an error or something. I didn't have the web to research or reinstall the seusa maps like it wanted. When I got home I eventually figured out I could not use mapquest at all. It won't even start up because it doesn't like the maps or something.


I don't know what it doesn't like actually. I didn't really need it till now, since both my gps's were configured for the area I needed. Well now I have a new gps, a shiny new vista, and I want to load those maps on it again.


I uninstalled all the maps.


Then mapquest didn't like the trip and waypoint manager.


So I uninstalled that. It still thought there was bad maps and would not start.


I uninstalled and reinstalled trip and waypoint manager from the CD, hoping I could start from scratch. It still will not work!!! it says there is a problem with the mapsource installation and to reinstall it again.


I am hesitant to jump throught the hoops again without finding out if something else is going on. Is there a way to get mapsource to work again? Can I install the maps without it? I did not uninstall every bit of garmin software from my computer (communicator and updater) because they are working and I don't want to have a totally useless gps because I cannot comunicate with it.


I don't understand, everything worked fine till november when I tried to update my venture.

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