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Why settle caching in the cold in the Mid-Atlantic...


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Just got back from spending the holidays (ie, New Years) in Florida. Would highly recommend the following canoe/paddle and hiking loops if anyone is fortunate to escape the cold.


10,000 Islands Section of Everglades National Park




Notes: We rented canoes from Ivey House in Everglades City and put in at Gulf Coast Visitor Center. (Rental cost was approximately 90$ for 3 days with watercraft transport included.) Ended up camping at Camp LuLu (just outside of the NPS land w/o any permits/reservation requirements) and Jewel Key (permit required). In total we did 29.0 miles and found 3 caches including one rated 5/5. Saw lots of waterfowl but unfortunately did not see any gators.


Weeki Watchee Preserve


Day 1




Notes: Ended up hiking only about 8.4 miles along the major trails and finding 14 caches. Really pleasant walking with many of the trails used by mountain bikers. The area used to be mined for limestone and there are many filled in lakes which are quite beautiful. It is possible to kayak in these waters with a short portage.


Day 2




Notes: Ended up hiking 13.6 miles along many varied trails and finding 8 caches. Highly recommend the Multi "In the Heat of the Summer" which takes you into the lesser traveled portion of the preserve where the chances of spotting wildlife are higher. Supposedly you can find gators and the Florida black bear in this park. We, however, only was waterfowl.

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The glades are awesome. Playing with gators is super cool. I have yet to run into a python, but it's been four years or so since I was last in the glades. After a quick trip to Okeechobee/Keys in late March, I'm hoping to get back in the early to mid summer while storm activity is still high, and do some Kayaking in and around the area you highly. Not many have filmed from down that way I and want to capture a ton of footage. Geocaching will be a good way to kill time between storms.

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